A pair of warm the heart of advertising poker?

by:WJPC     2021-02-20
Today, poker is constantly enlarge the propaganda function, application field is becoming more and more widely, many enterprises choose custom poker advertising for oneself, to enhance the visibility and reputation of its own. But with such a special poker, it have found long-lost child for many families, makes the family was reunited, it is & other; Searching for poker & throughout; 。 Shen Hao, male, born in 1968, was originally a laid-off workers, afterwards because of putting on the Internet to see a comedy of putting became a volunteer. After putting his intervention, then open the floodgates. At first he set up his own without a website, then officially launched in 2006 & other; Poker searching & throughout; Plan, through the form of free poker of the missing information, just two years time, Shen Hao have handed out 150000 vice searching for poker. By 2014, the 46-year-old middle-aged man, with a person, a double leg, a computer, the Internet and reality of the journey, through 24 provinces, the journey 400000 kilometers, the worn out more than 50 pairs of shoes, helped 1144 families to regain reunion, by reputation & other; Putting China first & throughout; 。 The & other; Searching for poker & throughout; The role of how much? Here's a case of success. In 2006, received from jiangxi nanchang Shen Hao couple Wei Xin bartender, TaoYouXiang request, their son wei in 1989 on March 10, with partners go out playing were abducted, was only four and a half years old, 19 years, the couple have been desperately looking for a son, but not so far. So Shen Hao will wei information printed on the CARDS, and in November 2007, specially to photograph the wei home video footage on the Internet, hopes to be able to see missing years of wei. Finally Shen Hao in September 2008, received a call from fujian, claimed that he is playing CARDS with lost loved ones in recent 20 years of wei, he is also a look at the description on the CARDS and after video footage to make sure. This is very excited, let Shen Hao message to inform the Wei Xin confirmed. On October 13, Wei Xin came to fujian jinjiang, had four and a half years old child has grown into a big man, and with father surname xu. After a paternity test, finally determine the wei is Wei Xin bao's son, October 14, wei finally returned to his hometown after nearly 20 years.
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