A second how to remember each other is what brand?

by:WJPC     2021-02-10
Fight the landlord let's play the game, and some people play better, some people play is not so good what reason is this? I am here is a little small experience and let's share. Process/solution: bucket to want to play with the number of the most main is to remember. Although only few 54 CARDS, but a lot of people can't accurate remember these CARDS all had no! This needs some skills to remember card is very brief and convenient. Can be remembered very brief is including 10 flower card, let's play dou landlord time-division will usually put big leave room for manoeuvre, so in the beginning we will hand in a brief note for such as the 2 K to K that we will to write again continue to add up. This very short don't have to remember some small CARDS, this card only remember big remember less easy to remember! Another way is to remember the full four at the center of the brand so that no matter what all not to dragon. Note: test memory time oh! Ha ha hope to help players who play to fight the landlord!
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