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by:WJPC     2020-06-06
I drove a rented Chevy suit coat and, in the cold rain of November, set off from my sister\'s house in Fort Va linchburg and drove along Route 29.
Go to charlotsville and find a 19-year-
In the cafe at the aldman Library at the University of Virginia, an anti-war activist named Samuel heimm Brodi said, if you remember, \"Now that you asked,\" the readers of the column have already answered hundreds of questions, and a few months ago raised, \"What is the feeling of being young today? \" they said, yes, young today is as confusing and difficult as before, but, by the way, if we can say that, they say, we feel that your generation is too bad.
They say that the hipster generation, the 60-year-old generation that Time magazine voted for the vaunted figure of the year in January 1967, has sold out, has been unemployed, has promised and has not fulfilled: we promised to change the world, to pursue money selfishly, to preach love, and then to sow the land with painful divorce, to pursue sexual happiness at the expense of emotional commitment, failing to protect the environment or prevent war, not saving money for our old age and inevitable medical expenses, and quickly becoming not only awkward, but irrelevant, and finally, like a person who wrote a letter said, invisible people, they come over every day on the way to work. Well.
It would be foolish to think that our generation does not trust anyone over the age of 30 who has visited our parents and will not visit us in turn.
However, this strong feeling is amazing, and the similarities between our time and this time are obvious as the war approaches.
Therefore, the impulse of journalists and the curiosity of human beings are irresistible.
Who are these passionate young people? So in some cases I want to set off right away to look for them and see what kind of people they are, look at their fridge, sleep on the couch, meet their pets, take their car, groping blindly and intuitively towards some kind of understanding, where a bay is built that I don\'t even know.
But first of all, I have to choose who to visit, whose story resonates the most, and whose voice implies a life that will blossom into the mark of their time.
I read these letters over and over, imagining the life behind them.
I rely on instinct and analysis;
I want a cross section, but I don\'t want to be a dogmatic.
What I want to hear is not just love, but politics, religion, philosophy, and family.
Finally, I chose the way of Brodi and other topics whose stories will involve logic, instinct and chance on the same criteria in the coming months.
Interestingly, Brodi mentioned in his letter that he was in New York at the age of 16 to protest the police brutality.
It made me nervous.
At that age, I was on the street too.
It sparked memories of enthusiasm for early direct political action, and looked back at how others in history were inspired by far\'s news --
They regard the struggle as just and heroic.
I think it might be encouraging to see how a 19-year-old today embodies this timeless spirit.
When I walked through the streets of Washington during the May Day operation on 1971, trying to stop the operation of our own government, because nothing else seemed to get the attention of our leaders, and I was about 19.
Today, a progressive young man thinks about what his possible role might be in the war between our country and Iraq, and thinks about what it might look like even though the United States might draft a draft
Volunteers, it still has a Selective Service System that almost all men needS.
Citizens between the ages of 18 and 25 are required to register.
It must be said that when I want to listen and understand the politics and passion of this generation, I also have something to say to them that I represent me and my gray friends
What I\'m trying to say is that we\'re not simply packing up our bags, like buzzing people, fighting for peace and justice --
The crowd dragged the blanket through Max Yasgur\'s farm.
I want to say something specific. -
Complicated, difficult, demanding, painful things-
Each of us happens to turn us into this, our heroes are shot dead, our organizations are infiltrated, exploited and prosecuted, we are beaten and poisoned, we have to find jobs and houses, we have art to do, families to raise, you can\'t do it from prison, Canada or the streets, and each of us is suffering from confusion and doubt, okay, if some of us really give up the effort to change the world, it will never be cynical to shrug like what to say, it doesn\'t matter;
We are always confused with sorrow and pain, giving up our efforts to chase our dreams of being hurt, and we are still lying awake trying to figure out what is going on.
We are still trying to live a life worthy of our commitment.
So that Sunday afternoon I drove into Charlottsville, across the campus of the University of Virginia, through the rain, to the aldmann library, and settled in the light at a long high counter under the high windows.
The students sat on the small table in the cafe and studied while drinking coffee. The power and network connections on the wall are plugged into the laptop.
This cafe is located in the high formal book house with Doric pilasters and arched windows and feels a little out of tune like the falafel stand in the cathedral, but it is a popular place, one can only hope that coffee will be half as old as it was in 1969.
Sam Brodie is thin and sleepy.
Looking, his long black hair curled up on his neck and ears, it looked as if he was still reluctant to shave every day, wearing a white crew --neck T-shirt, a floor-
Coat and wire length-rimmed glasses.
He sat on the stool and put his schoolbag on the counter.
His schoolbag is covered with buttons, and his schoolbag is still hanging
The shirt was engraved with the lyrics and song titles of the original screaming band, which he wrote with his own hand with magic marks.
Not only in writing T-
The shirt reminds people of the personalized style of the previous generation\'s clothing, but for the 60-year-old fellow travelers, the buttons on the book bag also look familiar, not only did they know each other through the length of their hair and the brand of cigarettes, but also the buttons and bumper stickers they picked up during the rock festival and demonstrations, as a consolation to police bruises and pain in the buttocks sleeping on the ground, the intestinal diseases caused by eating chili peppers were pulled out by miners.
At first, Brodi said there was only one button on his bag, which called for peace in Israel and the Middle East.
But then people started giving him buttons from other demonstrations, including a button to support the struggle of university workers, he added.
This will happen, thought the gray veterans of the peace march. That\'ll happen.
Two days ago, Brodi explained by phone that he might be in the dormitory on Sunday as he was the media coordinator of the campus anti-war movement, which tried to unite against the invasion of Iraq.
In the cafe, when asked to describe the sport, he said, \"Well, it\'s not really a sport yet,\" at least on campus.
He said that while there is not much obvious political activity in UVa, he tried to organize a rally for Wednesday, November 20.
\"We don\'t want to call it assembly, we don\'t want to call it teaching --
He said, \"even though it\'s a combination of these things because we think people are rejected by these words, I don\'t want to feel like they\'re involved in a renegotiation of what happened 40 years ago.
\"So,\" he formed quotation marks in the air, \"We call it \'peace party \'.
\"Brodi grew up in Upper West Side of Manhattan and he called it the\" free suburb of the city \", inhabited by\" free Jewish writers \", and in the morning, the people who ate bagels talked about how they hated George Bush, then they went home and sent money to plant trees in Israel.
\"He attended Hunter College High School in Manhattan.
His father has a doctorate. D. in French.
So is his mother.
Imagine the argument they must have had. -
When Brody was very young, they separated.
His father was the head of the Department of Foreign Languages at Queen\'s College in the 1960 s, and although he sympathized with protesters against the Vietnam War, he did not like to be trapped on the top floor of his office buildingin.
He and the regulator had to put a bucket down from the window to get the food.
Maybe Sam Brodi has learned a long time ago: Don\'t alienate those who sympathize with the sickTactical advice.
When I was in high school, we were almost ourselves in terms of our politics.
We have not organized a discussion group on the Vietnam War.
However, Brodi has a club in high school called the progress Forum, which meets at lunchtime every week.
They have a consultant teacher who is assigned to study a topic every week.
Imagine demonstrating against police brutality in high school to get extra credits!
Brodi and many other high school students took to the streets of Manhattan to protest the police shooting of Amadou Diallo on February 1999.
Later that year, he read on the internet about Seattle\'s protest against the World Trade Organization.
\"It\'s great,\" he said . \"
I think it\'s amazing that they let so many people out for this problem that most people don\'t know.
\"Although trade policy and debt restructuring lack some kind of heartfelt media --
The demonstrations in Seattle forced mainstream media to pay at least attention, said Brodi.
After the initial excitement, some tactical lessons began.
\"The Revolutionary Communist Party is so annoying,\" said Brodi, who attended many meetings and panel discussions organized by the International Action Centre.
\"They were very well organized,\" he said. \"They sent the Flyers to people\'s homes and asked Ramsey Clark to come over and talk. We thought it was cool.
\"But in the end we find that the center for international action will oppose the war in Yugoslavia and will not recognize Slobodan miloševich as the bad guys and they will oppose the war with Iraq but not Saddam Hussein as bad, this is because they have a ridiculous idea that any enemy of the United States is somehow-
An idiot hero of imperialism.
So we don\'t care what those people say anymore.
But they are still in all the protests and they are good organizers.
\"There is no denying that political action is an eternal interest, but so is sex, and it seems that Sam Brodi will not spontaneously begin to acknowledge his deepest pornography.
So I said, \"Let\'s talk about the date on campus.
He seemed to blush slightly.
\"I really don\'t date very much,\" he said . \"
\"My friends at school, middle school, we\'re pretty much the kids who hang out in the cafeteria and play Magic cards.
This is the deal.
Card games that plague children between the ages of 12 and 15.
You bought a pack of cards and played a game with them, certain cards are rare and are a very Dungeons and Dragons --This is the case.
Therefore, the people who do this do not have much interaction with the opposite sex.
\"Also,\" he said, \"I am not driven by the need to engage with people, so I will take any chance . \".
\"I don\'t care if people hook up or not. I\'m not like a prim or a Jew.
I don\'t care about this.
But there\'s a big problem with things like sexual assault and date rape.
So culture should be sexual freedom, but I think it still permeates the power and is unhealthy.
\"The campus movement of Christ posted something like \'hook-
Let you feel empty and see what Jesus said.
Then comes the feminist response: \"Woman: Don\'t let someone blame you for wearing a short skirt. If a guy date-
Rape you, don\'t let yourself be blamed for it, say it out loud.
This is a very important thing.
However, it is clear that some problems of the whole culture cannot be solved completely.
\"At this point, I began to say that, unlike the bright and shiny logic of political speech, sex never makes any sense.
But I\'m tired of what experience taught me and hope I can forget what I know and don\'t want to sound like a Bagbag.
So I tried to shut up and listen.
But what do I think about his refusal to vote? I think he is a smart, politically loyal student, proposed by liberal intellectuals, and I have some confidence in the fact that voting is at least the key to the ritual of modern democracy.
But Brodi did not vote in the New York state election, nor did he think it was so important to vote.
\"They teach you at school that voting is the highest exercise of your democratic rights, but I really don\'t think that is at all,\" he said . \".
\"It\'s not like a brave group of politicians came to Washington and said, \'War is terrible!
He said: \"In his 1960 s, he turned his eyes and pretended to wave his hands in surprise.
\"This is another way.
And it will always turn.
\"On my way to Charlottsville, I \'ve been thinking about why the massive movement of 1960 people seems to have collapsed after the Vietnam War is over.
There are many reasons, many of which are personal and as special as the characters in sports.
But one of the reasons we haven\'t completely changed the world, and I \'ve been thinking that there seems to be such a serious disagreement between commitment and delivery, and one of the reasons is that when I try to find a good Virginia radio station, but settled in a modern country, we do not have an enduring institution to continue our fight.
It\'s not that we believe in lasting institutions, or that we will be as passionate, distrustful, grumpy, drug-taking, independent and pursuing as we are. . . but still . . .
We believe in the extraordinary power of the individual, the charm of rock and the intense speech, the sexy anarchy like Abby Hoffman and Jerry Rubin, even though they claim they are not leaders, but it forced followers in contradiction.
So I can\'t help but think that if certain people live and stay true to their vision, who knows, by virtue of their moral power, their contribution, perhaps the hippies, the militants, and the young moderate can also accept a party, as can the young and old black, for those immigrants who are full of hope and hope, and the bored Hornets, Jewish, rooted in Jefferson\'s ideal-
Christian principles acceptable to Muslims, Buddhists and Hindus are attractive to all of us, but firmly rooted in the secular ideals of the Enlightenment.
So I said to Samuel Brodi, \"what if Martin Luther King is alive ? \" If Martin Luther King were alive, we could all gather at his feet and say, where are we going next, where is the head of the line, where is the end, if, despite all the bruises we had, how many blankets we had, how much food we had, even though he said the trauma of the nightclub and tear gas, listen, because I had a dream, you have to lie down on the road again, but I also have a nightmare, which is correct --
The wing dynasty will dismantle what you have been working on, bring back what you have been running away from, will discredit your efforts for economic justice, will convene scientists to deny global warming, will have economists defend globalization because they know you are the best --
In the history of our country, the educated generation is the soft middle class, because of your respect for learning, in the face of mediocre scholarships, you can easily trust, you lack work --
The certainty of class and the sense of class make the movement of workers so powerful,
Even if the wing dynasty, which has now been printed in blue, if you split into factions, it will deceive you in the next 30 years.
\"Yeah, what if he\'s still alive\"
\"I tend to think that if he is alive, he will end up being marginalized or seen as one of these great old leaders, and we respect them but ignore what they actually say.
Like Nelson Mandela, he is respected, but when he criticizes the United States or something, we don\'t really listen to him.
\"But, I said to him, in a way, in a way, in defense, is the lack of a leader, the loss of bullets on our actions, killing it.
\"I think it\'s up to people to challenge the need for leaders,\" he said . \"
Global Justice Movement--
I think this is a more
The movement of globalization, because it is much wider than the movement of globalization. -
They really try to act without leadership.
They have some unwritten rules for meetings, such as if you are a person who is not very talkative, then talk a few more words.
If you are a person who speaks a lot, restrain yourself.
\"That\'s another reason those kids have these headscarves on their faces.
I mean, they don\'t want to be recognized.
But that\'s partly because anonymity is part of it.
We don\'t need revolutionary leaders.
\"Brody believes that a decentralized movement independent of any particular leader could save Israel\'s peace movement after the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin on November 1995.
\"If the Israeli peace movement did not make Rabin such a cult, then they would not kill the peace movement when he died,\" he said . \".
\"Instead, Israeli peace activist Brodi said,\" We have lost power and now we will continue what he is doing.
\"It\'s dangerous to put so much moral and political power into a person,\" said Brodi.
He said: \"This movement should not make Rabin such a central figure, because only one bullet was needed at that time.
\"The conversation about the assassination reminds me of the 1960 incident and my brother\'s struggle with the conscription Commission.
I asked Brodie if he signed up for the draft.
\"Well, I have to register for Selective Service or they will put you in jail,\" he said . \".
\"But I forgot.
When I was 18 they sent me the original thing to sign up for selective service and I kinda forgot and left and did whatever I did in the summer, six months later, when I went to college, my mom called and said, \"they sent you another thing, saying if you didn\'t submit a registration within the next two weeks, you will have to appear in court.
So I sent things in.
Now I have my selective service number.
\"I told Brodi that after seeing what my brother was going through, I decided not to register on 1971, when the lottery number for my age group was pulled out on February.
1972, my birthday, 9/11/53, lucky number. 334.
Even if the government continues to call men after 1972, it is unlikely that I will be called.
In the summer of 1969, when my brother David received a draft notice in the mail, he was already at Brodi\'s age.
There was never a problem other than my brother would refuse.
Brody seems to feel the same way.
\"I might go to jail if there was a draft,\" he said . \".
The night before I interviewed Brodi, in my sister\'s house in Lynchburg, she and my brother were also sitting around the living room in the old house in the city center, and the four of us were together for the first time in years, recalling the war, I asked David if he was afraid to leave the country or to go to jail.
\"My idea is like this,\" said David, who has been frowning since I remember, \"if the army or the state asks me to go to Vietnam or elsewhere, if some Klanner says \'David, come out. We\'re going to kill the black slave\"
\"I will say the same.
I am not going to kill the \"black slave\", I am not going to kill the Vietnamese, I am not involved in it.
This is the same feeling.
\"I can\'t do it.
I don\'t support your show.
There is no choice.
I am really naive about the possibility of prison, prison life, future. . .
I didn\'t stick peanut butter to my ass to get rid of it.
I just said, no, I\'m not going.
\"When he refused to take up his post for the first time, the kind-hearted sergeant pulled me into a room to discuss how to rebuild the village my brother soldiers were destroying,\" he said . \".
\"I don\'t care if I can rebuild a village,\" he said . \"
\"I can\'t be one of them.
After rejecting our induction at the corral Gabriel Sensing Center, he said: \"They took us to 500 miles of a galaxy.
They brought us to the federal judge.
\"Our father was there,\" he recalled.
David said the judge asked our father if his son was in trouble.
No, no, no problem, he said.
So they took me from there to the FBI office and released me with my own guarantee.
\"He hired a lawyer for $250, which was considered low even during that time.
Our father, who had been in World War II, commanded a landing boat tank in the Pacific Ocean and remained in the Navy Reserve.
One night shortly after David refused to take up his post, there was a knock on Rainbow Avenue.
My father opened the door.
Standing in front of him was his commander in the Navy Reserve.
\"The guy said nothing, just turned and walked away,\" said David . \".
Probably he just wants to see if the son of the World War II veteran is true. He is a draft sister.
He accepted David\'s decision and never questioned his courage.
After the interview, Brodi and I walked on the lawn and will hold anti-war protests on the lawn on Wednesday.
There are the same signs on the sidewalk, and its wording seems to reflect all the lessons his generation has learned in terms of not alienating the masses.
It may say \"don\'t pig\" or \"close campus\" or even simply \"don\'t war with Iraq\", but that\'s not the case.
Instead, it gives a post-modern blink of an eye to the genius of advertising and the Orwell art of doublespeak: \"The objection is patriotic.
Brodi laughed about the impact of marketing.
\"This is the first Flyer,\" he said, comparing it to the Heineken advertising campaign, which started with a star as a teaser before linking the star to the beer.
\"Then they come out with the ad and you say, \'Oh, Hilken! \'\" says Brody.
\"No,\" he added with a shrug, \"I don\'t understand why it is.
\"The rain at Thomas Jefferson University was already very heavy, and when we walked from the lawn to the parking lot, the flood flooded the walk and soaked both Brodi and I.
It\'s time to drive to Washington to interview three young women whose stories really make politics very personal.
On Highway 29, I drove north again in my rented coat, through the land my ancestors paddled in Chesapeake, blasting in the storm, sharing the rain --
Smooth highways with truck drivers and senators, militants and professors, experts and bureaucrats are all driving for Potomac.
This will be my first drive to Washington in more than 30 years, and since May 1971, 11 of me and I have been driving in a VW van for 18 hours, sleepless and cramped, and we have arrived in the capital, planning to close it, find soldiers on both sides of the street, filled with tear gas in the air.
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