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by:WJPC     2021-02-04
The playing CARDS by the wangjing company independent design and production, the whole deck of CARDS with Chinese style is given priority to, with its good performance and exquisite design, was deeply loved by the masses of customers. Poker size in line with international poker size for 63 mm & times; 88 mm, a total of 56 zhang, at the same time, using the most advanced German import black core paper as the material, three layer structure, flexible and comfortable feel, can play again and again. 310 g black core paper weight more, feel better, compared with the general material CARDS at the same time, has the very good water resistance, completely don't have to worry about accidentally put the CARDS fall into the water. In addition, the black core paper as the material with good elasticity, will be greatly bending, CARDS can also be a quick rebound, greatly extend the service life of the poker, especially for the specially used for cut flowers to practice playing CARDS, the effect is more apparent. Poker surface treated with oil import environmental protection, no pollution, no excitant odour, customers can be at ease use, this is also our wangjing has always been adhering to the customer-focused business philosophy. Processed at the same time, the card surface more smooth, the picture is more beautiful, not reflective, not dazzling, the pattern won't appear off color. Again after a unique surface embossing process, making CARDS have qualitative feeling more, feel more smooth and comfortable, in smooth surface, at the same time, also not easy to fall card, convenient cut players to take exercise. New stamping side whipstitch processing makes CARDS section more tidy, no burr, not hurting hands, durable. In terms of pattern design, selects the panda and bamboo elements, full of Chinese style, creative feels dye-in-the-wood. Ink painting can highlight more new idea at the same time, through the design of specific font design makes the whole deck of playing CARDS and word collocation is better. This poker is both fun and nice, strong Chinese flavor, whether it is used to play CARDS, cut flowers, magic show, or collection, this will be your best choice.
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