Advertising poker production processes have?

by:WJPC     2021-02-05
First step stress in the material balance of the new production of paper due to uneven, internal stress concentration area is easy to form buckling, and the company will be the inside of the warehouse for 3 months or so the natural balance of the CARDS from, make its internal stress, elasticity and the degree of tend to be more uniform, so that can ensure the quality of paper to a certain extent. In addition, adequate inventory is also the symbol of a company's strength, general manufacturers inventory paper in ten million yuan, an average of 7000 tons, according to the current paper which is about 1000 tons. The second step design typesetting plate mainly advertising poker positive and opposite pattern font and poker packaging design and printing plate. Contains the manuscripts and customers confirmation. Confirm the main content is: if there is a discrepancy font phone number and address. The third step of printing the advertising printing of the front of playing CARDS and poker printing packing box. The company adopts the latest Roland printing machine series, has the world's leading technology to ensure high quality of the printing effect. Poker printing is usually about two days, because generally positive printing is completed, the balance can be carried out only after about 12 hours opposite printing; After after 3 - Four days of room temperature balance kiln drying, dry ink can enter into next working procedure. 【 Poker manufacturers] Step 4 glazing oil in order to increase the stiffness of the paper and glossiness. Glazing machine 30 meters, including pressure and light fabric. Embossing can improve the level of advertising poker. Step 5 examines mainly check whether the polishing effect is uniform. Step 6 automatic cutting to this step, the prototype of the CARDS out, a rectangle. This step is critical. Step 7 secondary die cutting to this step, we usually play advertising poker board core came out. Step 8 sorting packing here want to spot the box. Box production through design and typography, and then is coated, finally is creasing. Usually in artificial indentation. With boxes and brand core, can packaging.
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