Advertising poker really so popular?

by:WJPC     2021-02-05
Poker ads ( 扑克广告) Is advertising combined with CARDS, breaking the traditional advertising emerging advertising model. Is a form of through the spread of the poker ads, are commonly used to promote goods, services, etc. Advertising poker as a new advertising carrier, so far from the evolution of a single advertising gifts. Also as a carrier of the public welfare propaganda is widely. ( 1) Brand promotion. Poker advertising is one of the most main effect in the progress of the brand value of the enterprise, about the progress of the enterprise brand value, poker advertising as a new carrier, is very simple, let more people understand the enterprise never known & ndash; Famous & ndash; Understand & ndash; Convincing & ndash; Action & ndash; Have a special liking. Make the enterprise brand value to progress quickly. ( 2) Website promotion. Website promotion is the main function of the network marketing, network marketing is also to get as many useful views success secrets, poker ads about website promotion effect is very significant, printed CARDS at the website url may print to the above products, let the audience access to information, enter the web site, so as to obtain more useful traffic. ( 3) Sale promotion. Audience because take the initiative to receive information and be able to reach the intention of the propaganda and guidance, affect the audience for the product, to consume. Advertising poker has become one of the major factors of influence the buying behavior of users, the poker advertising and corporate websites, online stores such as marketing gimmick, the combination of poker advertising to promote sale effect is more significant. Poker advertising is not only reflected in the desire to buy can add audience after obtaining information, website to buy, also in after poker ads for products information for the promotion of off-line sales. ( 4) Telephone survey. Poker advertising through free to approach customers, exchange policy of customer's phone number or contact way, after the telephone survey of way, you can comment on advertising into effect, the consumer behavior research, and the expansion of query questionnaire poker ads about the value of a telephone survey can be embodied in many aspects, such as the consumer behavior research, questionnaire about online query promotion, etc.
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