After watching these, just know do poker is not simple?

by:WJPC     2021-01-24
Poker everyone seen, also played, but people really understand it is few and far between. Actually playing CARDS looks be like simple, but its production process is complicated, in general, the production of a deck of CARDS contains printing, filling slurry, drying, glazing, die-cutting, indentation, oil, sorting, packing and so on 15 working procedure, different manufacture factory can step may be different, today to introduce emphatically' target='_blank'>poker glazing and die cutting indentation process. Glazing refers to the card surface coated with a layer of colorless transparent coating, the flow leveling, drying, pressure light, after curing in poker system works form a thin and uniform transparent shiny surface layer, not only can make the card surface more smooth, also can let more exquisite patterns, this process is an important factor to determine poker hand, everyone all know if poker surface is very rough, bad will insert card shuffling, but if too smooth and CARDS may slip off, so the polishing process will also have to hold good degrees, with light oil is also very important, the stand or fall of light oil will also determine the stand or fall of poker hand. So-called die cutting process and the indentation process, in most cases, is carried out at the same time, referred to as 'die, the die cutting and line pressing knife combination within the same template, in die cutting machine for die cutting and creasing processing at the same time, it can make the product appear more elegant and rich stereo feeling, the CARDS can make more customer satisfaction in terms of appearance. We wangjing company adopts the most advanced German import black core paper as the material, feel is relatively general poker on paper is more comfortable, water resistance is stronger; Folding, good elasticity, not easy deformation. At the same time, the use of special double for the polishing process, the environmental protection of oil imports to do environmental protection at the same time, also makes the CARDS make more exquisite patterns, surface texture, feel is smooth, with a strong stretch, not reflective, not dazzling, the pattern won't appear off color. The company USES the unique die-cutting indentation process for machining the products greatly improved after class. Wangjing poker first-class production technology, created nowadays at home and abroad the best poker, if you have any requirements, wangjing, absolutely won't let you down!
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