All say poker is old, do you believe?

by:WJPC     2021-01-21
Every period of history has his era characteristics. Reading is not to have a more complete interpretation. Through the small CARDS, can be easily put human footprints, take in everything in a glance. From centuries ago with the old leaves play, gradually with the local culture and features perfect combination, to start a new entertainment card games, western people call it the & other; POKER” And named it & other; 扑克牌” 。 Become the palm of the European aristocracy plaything, and gradually began to spread all over the world. In the early twentieth century, as the Chinese put the transliteration for & other; Poker & throughout; Fashion entertainment carrier, poker has entered the ordinary people in every corner of life, as the most popular entertainment tool. Close watch of playing CARDS, you will find card printing, packaging, design with strong characteristics of era. Early poker with figures, flowers and plants and worms for more designs, reflects the state of social status, life, and people at that time. We are the most common to the idea of brand figure back most of them are with a thick European style design, initial design as the ace of also appeared in the image of a clown. Mark it as entertainment products. As poker game has gradually increased, its recreational development and by the aristocrat to the people, children are also added to the entertainment, children's card is licensed to meet children size arises at the historic moment. Our founding of the early poker mainly to reflect the people masters, a revolutionary high tide and sports culture as the theme, the soaring drive at the same time, also joined the people's happy life design elements. Picture character, simple, peaceful, ace design also add a lot of red flag, the five-star pattern. The & other; The cultural revolution & throughout; During the CARDS as & other; FengZiXiu & throughout; On behalf of, out of the life of the people. At that time, to meet the political needs, in K, Q, J ideas marked also changed to 11, 12, 13, PUKER and PLAYING CARDS and so on English will no longer be printed on the poker box, but will it renamed & other; Recreational card & throughout; 。 To this day, feel very tasty, but also created a group of rare orphan works handed down from ancient times a fair death honors the whole life. We also from playing CARDS, officials in characters, ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign scholars have the development and changes in the history of calligraphy and painting in the deep impression. Look from the major historical narrative of events, history, development of human society. Playing CARDS, as it were, a not only entertainment media or carrier, its connotation is expressed by the far beyond its own value. It more representative or a period of great historical events, or a song folk customs of the episode, or a stream flowing through the long human history. It is recording and interpretation by the praise of human history and triumph.
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