Any casino playing cards manufacturers factories instead of trading companies recommended?
As the playing card itself becomes more and more popular in the market, there has arisen an increasing number of factories in China. Some of them are certified and professional in the industry while others are unqualified and unscrupulous, so you should give 100% concentration and attention to the whole selection process. Here, Shenzhen WJPC Printing Co., Ltd. is a perfect choice for you. We are a professional company with a long-standing history. All production processes involving performance testing and quality assurance testing are carried out strictly following international quality standards. The products manufactured by us are ensured to meet the requirements of product certification.

WJPC continuously improves magic playing cards effectively to protect the interests of customers. WJPC Printing Company's magic playing cards series contains multiple sub-products. The quality of WJPC custom promotional playing cards is guaranteed by a number of factors. The performance, reliability, durability, visual and perceived quality of the garment can be counted on the excellent workmanship. The image on its pieces can be processed with hot stamping, and the color can be gold or silver. The product of WJPC will not emit damaging ultraviolet ray which may cause the aging of some sensitive materials, such as artworks. Thus, it's a secure illumination product. The inks and chemicals used during its printing are non-toxic with no lead content.

WJPC Custom Game Card Printing And Manufacturer will continuously enrich its product range that are popular with consumers around the world. Inquiry!
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