Any export certifications on hoyle playing cards ?
Export certification is strong evidence about product quality and positioning. Shenzhen WJPC Printing Co., Ltd. has made every effort to get credentials on playing cards . The product is always tested to make sure that it is up to our own production standards. This includes sample and product tests. Third party certifications have been carried out. This accounts for a certain proportion in the total sales.

WJPC Printing Company is one of the largest pure R&D centers in the Chinese playing cards custom printing industry. The oracle cards is one of the main products of WJPC Printing Company. The results show that playing card with wholesale playing cards material presents excellent performance. It is less prone to fluff after longterm use. Next to product quality, customer service is another important factor why customers decide to do business with WJPC Printing Company. Its pieces have good thickness and density.

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