Any further technical information about WJPC?
The technology adopted in WJPC is a system scheduling the manufacture of products and managing stock inventory. The production technology enables the brand to optimize costs, minimize inventory and maintain a steady work flow. Usually the production technology can help identify production blockages and sense capacity constraints.

Playing card has a massive sales system and Shenzhen WJPC Printing Co., Ltd. is developing rapidly. WJPC Printing Company is mainly engaged in the business of playing cards custom printing and other product series. WJPC flash cards for kids is produced based on various theories. It adopts the heat management theory to check and make sure the optimized working temperature for the battery cells. Its pieces allow smoothly shuffle and draw. The product has no electrical hazards. It is made of quality insulation materials and its electric components are finely sealed within the housing to prevent any accidental contact. It performs well in terms of characteristics such as transmissivity, stiffness, and flatness.

We strictly abide by environmental obligations. During our production, we ensure that our use of energy, raw material, and natural resources are totally legal and environmentally friendly.
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