Any manufacturers to customize casino cards ?
This is decided by the needs. Now many Chinese casino cards manufacturers offer custom services. Please make sure the type of custom services in need. In general, the packaging and printing customization is available. When further custom services are needed, the direct contact with manufacturers is a necessity. Shenzhen WJPC Printing Co., Ltd. is ready to offer custom services. The lead time varies according to the needs.

WJPC Printing Company is a professional manufacturer of flash cards for kids. WJPC Printing Company is mainly engaged in the business of oracle cards and other product series. The product has good electromagnetic compatibility. The conductors' width in the PCB has been reasonably arranged to minimize the impact of interference caused by the transient current. Its materials are stiff and hard, leading to good quality cards. WJPC Printing Company has a senior R&D design and engineering construction team equipped with a scientific, perfect and standardized quality assurance system. With strong production strength, we have passed the relevant national qualification certification. We make sure that cardistry cards has excellent quality and can meet the needs of the international market.

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