are discarded playing cards in etobicoke part of a love story?

by:WJPC     2020-06-27
I have two hobbies/interests: walking and taking pictures, and a quirky collection related to those interests, which has not yet been completed.
I\'m trying to assemble a whole set of 52 playing cards that I found on the street (
Or in parks, ditches, floors, etc. ).
This is not a positive pursuit like collecting rocks or antiques.
I don\'t go out every weekend to find the hope of the club queen.
In addition, it is difficult to find abandoned playing cards.
When it comes to popular garbage, they rank very low.
Over the years I managed to collect 39 unique cards and then almost forgot my collection until January.
This is mid month, I\'m in 90-
It takes only a few minutes to walk to Cloverdale Mall.
On the East Street south of Broo Street.
The other Walker got me involved in the conversation.
As we walked and chatted, I saw the faces of seven clubs on red car Avenue.
\"Sorry, totally strange, I had to stop and pick up some rubbish.
You see, this is a playing card. I have this collection . \"
She stepped up and moved on.
On the back of 7 it says the following sentence: \"My feeling when I am with you. ” Huh?
Seven clubs do you think?
What does this mean?
I can understand the Queen or the king, even the ace, but the phrase number 7?
Within a few steps, there are 10 spades.
There is something written on the back of this one too, \"you are independent (sic).
I hurried home and dug out the old collection.
God, where is that envelope?
To my surprise, I need 7 clubs and 10 spades.
I played more than 40 cards.
Maybe it\'s possible to finish my collection in my lifetime.
It wasn\'t until about three weeks later that I remembered.
I once again decided to take a walk in Cloverdale.
I didn\'t see the card but when I got home I randomly decided to walk across the street.
There are two playing cards, facing up, a spade and a diamond, stuck on some branches near a tree.
\"No, it\'s impossible,\" I think.
Sure enough, on Jack, there was a phrase with the same pen and handwriting: \"Our family is on holiday together.
On the 3th: \"Even if it is difficult for you, you always manage to give me everything I want.
\"These new cards have doubled in my collection, but now I have a second collection --
Abandoned playing cards with information on the back.
I was wondering who wrote it, why, why it was thrown away.
Is romance over?
Is littering because of heartbreak?
My curiosity may have ended there because of the cruelty of February, which prevented Cloverdale from walking, leaving behind rubbish and rubbish that appeared every spring. But by mid-
Another walk in Cloverdale is underway.
It was a sunny day, so it was very slow and thoughtful to walk.
I took a lot of pictures.
As I approached the mall, I began to remember the playing cards I found and wondered if there were any more cards left.
At the traffic lights, I saw a pile of garbage blown up by the chain. link fence.
There was something for me to walk over and I poked it with a cane.
Suddenly I saw it.
The card is face down and all the red patterns on the back are washed away by winter, but the Sharpie pen message is not washed away.
The handwriting is clear.
I found another one.
On the back of the diamond ace, it says, \"your troll/Shrek\'s feet really start to grow on me.
\"Well, it\'s fun.
I can\'t believe my happiness.
Later on, at the bottom of a street light, I went on, about a block, and I noticed a red corner.
To be careful, I pushed away the dry bones, just like an archaeologist used a brush to dust the ancient bones --
\"You made me a better person.
I turned over.
Jack of the diamond.
By the way, I need these two.
There are 43 of my previous collections now.
Up to six new ones
Now I have a real mystery in my hand.
Why did I find this?
Who is this card writer?
These things are on the street right now, all in this area. What\'s going on?
Why is the wind blowing on my side?
I decided to make oneand-
Search is necessary.
Work and Life postponed the search to Good Friday, almost three months from the initial search time.
It\'s a perfect day today.
The weather is good and the shopping center is closed.
There is no traffic and people on the road.
I went to the mall and went through all the rubbish.
Every bus stop, corner, construction site and tree base is littered with a pile of things.
I\'m sure people think I\'m homeless or I\'m crazy.
I definitely feel the latter.
I came to the place where I found the diamond ace, but nothing.
It wasn\'t until I saw the handwriting near the fence across the street that I was upset.
\"The Little look you gave me when we were around friends.
Half of the King of the mind faded and almost torn in half. Incredible.
I walked for another two hours.
I combed the fence of the garbage gathering.
I walked through the decorative reeds and shrubs around the mall.
I did a grid search on the street east of Cloverdale.
It turned out to be futile, because the more I went into the community, the more immersed I was in the dutiful courtyard and the cleaning driveway. How dare they?
I gave up.
I want to find it another day.
But just then, I noticed a Reed I had not found yet.
I told myself, \"Well, take a quick look and I\'ll be home.
\"I stepped forward and a card face down, very obvious.
Handwriting so familiar now: \"Your hug is the best in the world,\" written on the Queen of Spades.
I have done three other extensive searches since Good Friday.
I went back to the same place and searched in a nearby campus and park.
I \'ve been walking in the east, north, south of Cloverdale and looking at the trash.
I combed an area of Dundas St.
There was a lot of rubbish there and walked along the ditch to the strange look of passers-.
The person walking in the ditch with a stick usually gets a wide berth when passing.
My new collection is at 8 and the rest is at 43.
I think I have given up walking search because I have a feeling that everything that can be found has been found.
As far as I know, the rest may have been blown to Brampton.
I searched online and found a full Tumblr page with the words \"52 reasons I love you \".
\"Write Romantic ideas on the back of cards, or give them away as a deck, or give one at a time, which can be traced back at least eight years ago, at least online.
At first I thought the hole in the top right corner of each card meant it was an old casino deck.
The casino will give away used decks but punch holes on them so people don\'t bring them back to cheat.
Now I realize that a lot of people make holes, put cards on a big ring and put them together.
The holes on the card I found are in good condition, so in this case they are not ripped off the ring, but they fall off on purpose.
Also, in my spare time survey, I guess that, despite being based on stereotypes, the writer is a woman, maybe a teenager
An adult may have a vision to spell and place the word \"disiplined\" correctly without nearly running out of space on 10 cards. The status of the first two cards found in January led me to believe that the relationship ended at that time. A post-
It\'s always hard to break up at Christmas.
The information about family vacations is mysterious.
If I stick to my point of view and think this is a young relationship, what does this mean?
Could this be a new big family, a man and woman with adolescent children get married, and then a stepson and daughter discover each other\'s romantic feelings?
According to other love phrases, I don\'t think it\'s a sister of a real biological brother or a child of a parent.
I think the handwriting analyst can tell me more.
I think in the last four months I can also go back and look at the etobeko style and look for new search areas.
A friend suggested that I bring cards, walk around the neighborhood, stop people in the street and ask if they have seen them or have any knowledge of them.
\"Hi, I\'m detective of the card group, do you have any information about this?
\"But this is a search level that I\'m not comfortable. I want to know, though.
Keep curious if you see this and can provide any information.
Your answer will be kept confidential and/or anonymous.
Apparently, the receiver of this love deck threw them on purpose.
I believe it\'s a man.
But who ended the relationship and why?
Who was discarded in itobaco?
Larry Fedoruk is the host of the Bell Media talk show.
Email life @ the star
If you can clarify the topic, ca has \"abandoned playing cards\" in the subject line \".
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