Black core paper in the middle of poker?

by:WJPC     2021-02-03
Paper core is laminated paper printing method, join the embossed paper core in the card, so as to make the CARDS have a higher quality. But the CARDS also have to distinguish between the use of paper core, generally can be divided into: black core paper, blue core paper, grey paper core, the paper, etc. , in which the quality of the black core paper, highest quality, best cost is much higher than other materials. Different kinds of black core paper also is distinguishing, common in the poker printing industry have 310 g Germany imported 305 g black core, France imported black core as well as domestic 280 g the black core. Here, the so-called 310 g, 305 g and 280 g refers to one square metre of black core paper paper weight, and the black core paper also have the other materials incomparable advantages. Black core paper more use in international casino poker, it can be pervious to light perspective, prevent cheating, maintain a fair and just, especially German kohler, 310 g of black core paper is Las Vegas, sands Macao casino, myanmar Vegas casino other casino poker preferred material at home and abroad. At the same time 310 grams of black core paper weight are heavier, more comfortable, feel is relatively general poker on paper water resistance is stronger; Folding, good elasticity, not easy deformation. Black core paper paper is exquisite, smooth degree is much higher than ordinary paper, the effect of printing more clear, more exquisite patterns. Due to import black core paper is expensive, some fake or counterfeit manufacturers to produce fake on the idea of black core paper, want to profit, they use black black core paper paste or carbon black pigment production cost is very low, but the difference in such aspects as the quality of the paper, feeling a lot. Wangjing company has six color to boot, Roland 700 SM740 four open Heidelberg printing presses and other advanced printing equipment hundreds, fast printing speed, high efficiency, beautifully designed, using the black core paper materials and first-class production technology, is the most top poker nowadays at home and abroad, whether in stiffness, hardness, smooth degree, elasticity and feel to the customers the best experience.
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