Bridge game rules of the game

by:WJPC     2021-01-28
Bridge is two to four people for two card tricks, sort is various, from the old puppet play huis pl card developed gradually. And its rules is mainly divided into three kinds. The first bureau, bridge of 52 CARDS evenly, 13 per person; Play CARDS, play a party, the other three parties to follow out one and after a round of the winner will put the CARDS stand, FuFang across, won every round is called a block. Contract based on 6 pier bottom block number, 6 pier above can be classified as win the pier. If you do 4 h contract ( Red peach for brand of fourth order contract) And take to 10 ( 6 + 4) Trick is done. If you don't have enough block number, called down, will be penalized. From the contract sent several piers is called down a few pier. Do 5 nt contract such as the north and the south, is finally took the eight trick, call down 3 ( 5 + 6 - 8 = 3) The pier. Second bureau, bridge rules, basic points, 100 points or more parties to contract, otherwise is not into games. Not into innings for 50 points. Into innings prize is 300 points, in the absence of bureau have inning is 500 points. That is to say, to a bureau, in the case of the two sides didn't double, plum blossom and party must contract to more than 5 steps, namely take the foot 11 trick; Hearts and spades contract to 4 order, namely get 10 block. In addition to have a contract, there is no contract (in bridge 特朗普) , i. e. , no master card, the first pier, this contract is 40 points, after the second block are 30 points, that is, without a contract for up to three deputy, namely to trick it into 9 bureau. After the third call, licensing to call before play. Call to use certain symbols and expressions. According to regulations by licensing the first call ( Usually is the north, after rotation) , according to the point of high and low, the dealer can call or not, since then, again by his new club ( The left) Call, in turn clockwise in turn. If the four don't call, all the deck for zero, start a game of CARDS.
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