britain\'s got talent final: eagle-eyed viewers figure out ben hart\'s shrinking playing card trick as they moan it\'s \'not really magic\'

by:WJPC     2020-06-27
Ben Hart\'s shrinking game play in the British talent final has been exposed by the eagle --
The eye audience claimed he had come up with the way he performed the magic.
Magician, ranked third after being defeated by 87 pointsyear-
Old Colin Sarry was fascinated by the audience and he seemed to make the deck smaller until it turned dust.
While many viewers claim Ben\'s behavior was surprising, others scoffed at his magic as they admitted they saw him put his hand into his pocket to change cards.
In the wonderful performance, Ben told the audience that this was the first magic that his grandfather showed him in India when he first introduced him to magic.
He then seemed to shrink the playing cards until they became smaller and took out a normal size playing card from his pocket to compare them.
But fans realize that some people claim that this is not a real magic trick.
Someone complained: \"If you keep holding small cards in your pocket, there\'s no magic.
It was also argued that \"he had been retrieving the\" big card \"to hide the previous card back in his pocket.
A ridicule said: \"This is not a card in the exchange pocket, but a very clever hand-in-hand Exchange (big hands! )?
To do this, it has to take hours of practice!
After performing the Magic, Alisa was prompted to say, \"I feel hypnotized and your eyes are amazing.
Amanda agreed: \"Yes, that\'s absolutely right.
You are an extraordinary, ethereal, proper magic.
I stick to every word you say. You are professional and smooth.
\"I think you have a big future,\" Simon said.
You look very happy.
\"This is not the first time an eagle-eye audience has found awkward disfigurement in Ben\'s performance.
The star was defeated by Colin sacri in the winning position. The 89-year-
Having served in the Army for 25 years old, when he attended the performance \"we will meet again\", he first won the hearts of the people of the whole country as a tribute to his late wife Joan, before being sent to South Korea, he got married in 1950. Colin -
Let people of different ages say his name.
Beat magician X and Ben Hart in the last three games.
After Sunday\'s final, host Ant & announced on December that Colin was the winner of the show, with Chelsea pensioners claiming he was \"surprised\" by the news \".
The charismatic fan said, \"I\'m stuck waiting verbally for a change --\"
Like to play fun.
\"Thank you so much to all of you for all of my support.
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