bunco party theme ideas

by:WJPC     2019-11-13
Bunco is a great game to take over quickly in our living room.
This is not a game for your grandmother!
Bunco is allowed on a regular basis-
Party with family, friends and neighbors as you can meet each other monthly while rotating your host.
It\'s fast paced to mix you with all the players (usually 12)
When you rotate from the table to the table.
Couples can play together in groups, or are becoming more and more popular with the girls night once a month.
For girls nights, set up the TV show \"Desperate Housewives\" while you\'re playing!
Trim * hang fuzzy dice and plenty of black and red balloons.
* Line up the area with casino themed posters and art * use poster boards to make large playing cards and dice * playing cards pinatas * hang large poker set cutouts on the wall.
Invite to buy cards and place invitations inside.
Decks can be mailed by post or by hand
Delivered to each recipient.
You can also create your own theme with Bunco related items like dice and playing cards.
Food/drink * different locations throughout the room with finger food and snacks.
The best drinks include a popular mix of drinks and beer.
* Be sure to prepare soda for non-drinks
Alcoholic drinks and water for all.
Music plays the master\'s favorite music or his/her time (
70, 80, 90, etc. ).
For a girl\'s night, play \"chicken Movie\" in the background \".
Happy Bunco party!
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