card-playing, dominoes as good as virtual reality games in stroke recovery: study

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Simple recreational activities, such as playing cards or repeatedly throwing foam balls into the waste paper basket, are as effective as playing virtual reality games like Wii, helping patients recover their power and dexterity after stroke, a Canadian
Led research found.
\"We all like technology and tend to think that new technologies are better than old ones --
But sometimes this is not the case, \"said the doctor.
San Gustavo sabosnik is a neurologist.
The study, led by Michael Hospital in Toronto, was published in the Journal of Medicine on Monday.
\"In this study, we found that simple recreational activities that can be implemented anywhere may be as effective as technology,\" he said . \".
\"This is very important for getting care.
\"Researchers from 14 centers in Canada, Argentina, Peru and Thailand recruited a total of 141 stroke patients who suffered a stroke affecting one arm.
Half are randomly assigned to accept 10
Two-hour meeting
A week to play virtual games like tennis and basketball using the Nintendo Wii platform.
The other half is low.
Cost activities such as cards-
Play, Domino, bingo and ball
During this time, toss in the same number of sessions.
The additional treatment is that in addition to the traditional rehabilitation, each patient has received an attempt to restore strength and Common
Due to brain damage caused by a stroke, the coordination of the arms and hands is lost.
Saposnik said the arm and hand functions of both groups of patients improved by 30 and 40 at the end of both groups
After the intervention, weekly intervention and four weeks respectively.
\"There was no significant difference between the two groups in strength, dexterity, total motor skills, quality of life or activities of daily life,\" said Saposnik, who admitted to being surprised by the results.
\"I think technology
So virtual reality
More effective than simple entertainment.
But I was wrong.
\"Stephen Glass was diagnosed with a stroke in Saint last week.
Michael\'s Hospital said Monday that fine motor skills and walking in his hands were affected.
Although no one noticed that he was listening, he also felt that it was difficult for him to speak easily as usual. The 51-year-
Old will begin traditional rehabilitation this week, but is not sure if one of the adjuvant therapies described in the study will be offered.
Still, he believes that the principles of these two therapies are the same --
It\'s just different methods.
\"I think for people of my age, maybe a little older, and for the people below, it shows how they work in their daily lives --
With the ipad, with the screen, with the technology --
\"It\'s going to be a pleasant thing and something they\'re going to involve,\" said Glass . \" He gave up his career as a pianist and conductor last year in pursuit of becoming a broadcaster
\"But I can imagine if a 60-or 70-or 80-year-
The elderly have a stroke and want to find an activity that meets their cultural norms --
Play cards, put the ball in the trash
Will bypass any anxiety they feel (
About Technology)
Let them focus on the actual task.
Saposnik said many previous studies, including his own 2010 pilot studies, have concluded that virtual reality therapy is an effective way to promote rehabilitation for stroke patients.
Overall, this study shows that the motor skills of patients receiving this treatment have increased by 30.
More participants participated in this new trial.
To make its discovery more powerful
Compared with previous studies, these studies are also different in design: They compare the combination of traditional rehabilitation and virtual reality therapy with traditional therapy.
Interactive game technology is different from other game technologies.
Focused pursuit like card
Play, he said.
\"Now I can say that whatever you prefer, you can do traditional healing or virtual reality or simple entertainment because
Immersive virtual reality is no longer working.
He said: \"This is important for those living in the Canadian region or developing countries that do not have VR technology.
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