China collection of poker history

by:WJPC     2021-02-20
The history of the Chinese collection poker can be traced back to the period of the republic of China. After the 1980 s, gradually appeared many collectors. 's most iconic event is in 1996, a man named wei-gang li collectors poker collection concept is put forward, in the same year also founded China's first professional about poker collection newspaper 'poker collection in China'. 2000 years later, poker collection gradually active, organizations are also gradually improve. At present, the collector mainly concentrated in the big cities, Beijing and Shanghai someone collect more than three thousand vice. Poker collects commission according to the Chinese collector association statistics, the current domestic collectors has more than 200000 people, including collection of more than two thousand kinds of have more than twenty thousand people. In addition to the routine collection of poker, involving sichuan's CARDS and sichuan, hunan, tianjin flag brand of plate, wuhan han brand, Beijing around the traditional CARDS, long card, all kinds of mahjong CARDS and leaf number, etc. Compared with mature collectors in Europe and America, Chinese collectors collection on the market price is much lower, the only exception is the poker during the period of the republic of China. This is because the poker originally made in China is quite cheap, and because the history is not long, not pure handicraft products of Europe and the United States that early. So, the value of poker is much lower than the stamps and COINS and other items. And over a long period of time, the Chinese have no sense of collection, so most of the CARDS are not escape the fate of the disposable. But there are still many Chinese poker collection space, this is because not reprint edition poker quite a lot, such as the 1990 Asian games, poker and poker is typical of the 2008 Olympics. Over the years many plates, such as the world known Chinese paintings weapons, facebook, the world brand, brand, etc. , are very popular among Chinese collectors. From the market, 'a dream of red mansions' poker prices of nearly 100 yuan, 'the China children New Year theme' poker is about 150 yuan, 'the water margin' poker price reached 8000 yuan, a pair of including 4 collection card 'smile the ao river's lake' poker, each card has a corresponding character and introduction, plus & other; Moral, martial arts, luck & throughout; Index, the last two years of online auction price has 10000 yuan. 2002 'qingming scroll' poker starting 58 yuan a pair, now the market price has been as high as 1300 yuan, more than 20 years ago two yuan a pair 'the donkey figure' poker now market price is one thousand yuan. It is worth mentioning that as early as the fall of 2008 the fourth Chinese poker collection & other; Wenbo throughout the &; And the first in shanxi ( Pingyao) Poker cultural festival, a pair of the fifties and sixties of poker has 'white-haired girl' to 1. The price of 20000 yuan. There are the high prices, precisely because it yield s. At present in domestic poker collectors, poker in the 50 to 70 s price is highest, this is because after experienced a broken capitalism, not a lot of poker can be preserved. In addition, some advertising poker is also popular among players. Because it do not foreign sales of basic products, printing and rarely, but there is a special topic, and need advertising, so design usually is very beautiful. Such as a set & other; Beijing hotel mark poker & throughout; , Beijing hotel, only issue three hundred sets. Accompanied by a collection of hot, the museum also arises at the historic moment. Poker museum of guangzhou workers cultural palace, for example, is the guangdong's first museum of poker. Pavilion with circle, diamond, triangular, copper plate and so on all kinds of special-shaped poker, poker is the most precious cultural revolution of the triangle. In addition, a set of the original warrant poker is also very conspicuous, each card is printed with the American war in Iraq is wanted by us during the period of Iraqi official avatar, convenient carrying soldiers. Among them, saddam & middot; Hussein was spades. But poker collection is also facing a problem, that is accompanied by the improvement of collection, special-shaped poker and heterogeneous poker emerge in endlessly. If triangle has long been a poker round of poker, material on the pattern mostly to in recent years, such as crystal, clay sculpture, such as copper and a stunt is greater than the actual, even cannot use, not necessarily what is the collection value.
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