China's most popular top ten board game ( C)

by:WJPC     2021-02-19
Line 4 is a called game card temple island people pictures, developed by Kosmos company, released on December 12, 2012. Games in the big maritime era navigator discovered a resource-rich islands as the background, temple island, the island was called card by the plains, grasslands, forests, hills and mountains. Players in the game to play a pioneer, settled in the beautiful and rich, the island, all the people in order to compete for the resources on the island of intrigue, turf, whose construction can be the fastest to a game. In the process of game players not only to cope with the struggle between each other, and careful card temple island incident, at the same time, when necessary, also need to cooperate. Remember: there are no eternal enemies, only the interests of forever! Fifth is 'modern art', the game is a famous game designer Reiner Knizia auction game trilogy, one of its Chinese version published in 2008. In the game, players play buyers and sellers, to make profits by buying and selling paintings. Game is divided into four stages, each stage the player in his rounds from hand selected a ticket at auction, if someone bought paintings, sellers have to money, if you buy, will put the money paid to the bank. When someone works first appeared in the round five later phase, the player has the most cash to win finally. Line 6 is a popular global card game to kill & ndash; — 砰! The game is set in the western United States cowboy gun battle, the player by acting as the chief, deputy sheriff, gangsters and traitors role construct a murky heralds a world. Play the game for 4 to 7 people, each person's identity is different, also for different target. In addition to the sheriff, all confidential, sheriff to defeat all the bandits and a traitor, and deputy sheriff in protecting your identity at the same time also need to be protected at all costs the sheriff, gangsters' task was to remove the sheriff, in the case of profitable can also get rid of others, and a traitor in order to a sheriff in need to cover up the extent of their crimes, to kill all of us. In the game, in addition to the sheriff others will acting as deputy sheriff, sheriff must test each person's identity and make the right judgment.
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