christmas card history on display at shropshire museum

by:WJPC     2020-06-13
At a tourist attraction in Shropshire, one can see what the \"first\" Christmas card looks like.
In 1843, Sir Henry Cole, a civil servant, commissioned 1,000 Christmas cards, and experts said only a few people could survive.
On Thursday, one of the originals was exhibited for several hours in the town of Victoria, Blists Hill, and then replaced by replicas for the rest of December.
Anna Hongfu, archivist at the British Postal Museum and Archives, said Sir Henry Cole\'s Christmas card was \"the earliest known surviving Christmas card in the world \".
She explained that the civil servants entrusted them, sent some to their friends, and then sold the rest.
Miss Hong said: \"Before that, there was no specific record of people sending actual Christmas cards to each other, and there was no record of a card specifically mentioning Christmas,\" there were New Year cards from the 18 th century, but there is no specific Christmas card.
After that, the archivist said, \"it took about 20 years to send a Christmas card to actually take it --
\"Closed\" in any commercial sense \".
\"It wasn\'t until 1862 that a company called Charles Goodall and his son really started --
As we know now, start selling Christmas cards, \"added Miss Flood.
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