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March 7-
The 13 th is the national delay week. The American Club of the delay plans to hold a celebration banquet.
It is planned to be held sometime this summer.
\"We\'re a little late.
But we will definitely plan something . \"
Financial director of Philadelphiabased club.
The group that celebrated July 4 on January was no surprise and expelled a member who mailed the Christmas card on time.
The club picketed the 1812 war in March 1967.
The latest issue of the club\'s official publication last month\'s newsletter announced the success of the protest because \"a treaty has now been signed \".
\"In 1956, les gas, an executive at Philadelphia advertising, created the club and was elected chairman.
He is still president as members are still organizing 1957 elections.
Waas prepared an annual forecast list in January.
1. for the previous year.
\"They are 100% accurate,\" said Wes, a founding member and retired dentist who moved from Philadelphia to Florida.
\"Delay is a great philosophy.
What you worried about yesterday, tomorrow. . .
\"Ha,\" he said with a shrug.
\"If you postpone these big decisions, you will find that they are not important.
Members of the club attended the November New York World Expo.
Nearly a year after the exhibition ended, 1966.
They came to the Atlantic City track and hugged the awkward and confused jockey to cheer for the last completed horse.
They asked the national women\'s organization to change its name from \"now\" to \"later\" and recently they sent a letter to President Gerald R.
Ford proposed to join his \"immediate inflation\" campaign at the White House.
The letter came back from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and said, \"no longer at this address.
\"Millions of people have joined the club almost, millions of members who have never joined the club, and 4,000 to 4,900 official members, most of whom are inactive,\" said Wes.
Although he kept these records, he was a little vague about the exact number of members.
\"I just don\'t have a record.
\"I will sort them out one day,\" he said . \".
\"We do have the Treasury Department for a while,\" he said . \". \"About $23.
But I went to the track and tried to double it.
\"Once the club is charged $5 a year, the Treasury will be supplemented, and this will happen when Wes goes around to give notice of the dues.
He did not remember when the last notice of dues was issued, but he had been planning to check it out.
Members live under the motto \"delay will never be too late\" and wear buttons declaring \"behind you all the way \".
\"The esscargot chapter of Sacramento embraces the snail as a mascot. Members-at-
Just before midnight on April 15, the heart lined up at the Post Office to drop their income tax returns.
The ink is usually wet.
We like these people.
\"We congratulate them when they drive past the post office,\" Wes said . \".
\"We want them to know that they are not alone.
\"Some of the advantages of living later are good,\" said Wes. He managed to send the Christmas card by April.
\"It gives you the chance to buy half the Christmas cards --price.
We already know all the people who sent us.
\"The club honored the truly outstanding delay at its annual awards banquet, once every two or three years.
Past honors include :-
Jack Benny, because he has never reached the age of 40. -
A topless dancer to delay time. -
The Central Railroad of Illinois, which runs the latest trains.
It left on 1903 and has not arrived yet. -
Former Postmaster of Hong Kong, Elmer T.
Klassen, \"The reason is obvious.
\"They admire the road builders, just as they admire the postal service, and they\" constantly applaud people who have never completed Interstate 95 \", Wes said \".
There are also a few casual suits and Nehru jackets in Wes\'s closet, and about 1/2. inch-
He never threw away the wide paisley tie.
But he didn\'t have any debris in his apartment in Beiwan village.
\"My wife,\" he explained.
\"I will never clean it.
\"The club provides spiritual support for those patients with chronic delays.
\"It\'s like getting married to an alcoholic,\" said Wes . \".
It will take $16 to join the delay American Club and the applicant must submit a letter outlining his qualifications. \"A real honest-to-
The delay will never have time to join.
We allow people to sponsor others.
\"So we do have some real delays,\" said Weiss . \".
Members will eventually receive a membership card, a bumper sticker for \"delay now\", a calendar-
How old is usually--
There is also a certificate that grants him the right to \"be late, send out Christmas cards on January, postpone the payment of bills, and show this license in a conspicuous way when he is free.
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