Corrugated carton packing details of the internal structure

by:WJPC     2021-01-26
Corrugated cardboard carton packaging use mainly in the paper and paper, between the undulating corrugated paper core, is made from corrugated stare blankly peak with corn starch adhesive for bonding and corrugated board. According to different corrugated height and spacing, the corrugated board usually be divided into A, B, C, E, F, G type of corrugated cardboard, among them A, B, C type corrugated board is usually used for the outer packing carton, known as the transport packaging; E, F, G type corrugated board is usually used for the inner packaging, known as the carton sales commodity packaging. More and more widely used, the unit length in corrugated number is more, corrugated height is low, has the characteristics of my meager sensibilities hard, high strength, made of corrugated ordinary paperboard cushioning performance is good, folding carton paper billboards customization, grooving incision and beautiful, smooth surface, deep consumers, suitable for supermarket goods packaging. Development of micro corrugated board is a new trend in the international market, is the new trend of the development of the carton packaging in the future. Corrugated box is made of corrugated board rigid paper container. More than half a century, outdoor billboards, the use of corrugated carton with its superior performance and good processing performance gradually replaced the wooden cases such as transport packaging container, become the main force of transport packaging. It in addition to protect goods, facilitate the storage, transportation, also rise to beautify the commodity, the role of the advertising goods. Corrugated carton belongs to the green environmental protection product, it is conducive to environmental protection, good for loading and unloading transportation. Now basic use of the transport package is corrugated carton, both in terms of quality, printing, or cost, corrugated board will be popular in the domestic carton industry for a long time. Corrugated carton packing water-based printing principle 1, water-based printing belong to the additive method. Colored manuscript through electronic color separation plate making into a negative image, and then through the printer to print, from the ink on the printing anilox roll will be transferred to the print edition, then transfer the ink from the print to the corrugated board. A positive image is obtained by matching color, folding color, realize the copy of original sample cases, represent the quality of the manuscript. 2, 4 primary principle: red, yellow, blue, black, Strictly speaking is the three primary colors: red, yellow, blue) ; Three: two additive primary colours: red + yellow = orange ( Orange, orange) ; Purple red + blue = ( Cherry red, eggplant purple) ; Blue + yellow green (= Dark green, green) 。
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