Custom of playing CARDS, grams do you know how to choose?

by:WJPC     2021-02-07
In recent days, many merchants to wangjing custom of playing CARDS, the first sentence always asked, playing CARDS with what's in the paper, it's number is how much, about this, small make up also consulting the paper production business, let me share with you the issue of poker grams. Besides this problem before, may be you will be confused, think that the higher the grams of paper will be better, in fact, this is the wrong understanding. CARDS are usually use paper in 250 g & ndash; Between 300 grams. This concept refers to the weight of each square meter paper. Low-end poker 260, 270 grams of paper, there are 280, 290, 300 g, these mid-range and high-grade also have the same grams. General is usually according to the high, medium and low grade of speaking. Premium is the high concentration of wood pulp paper, mid-range is a moderate amount of paper pulp content, low is a regular paper pulp content. In fact, the main influence factor is the content of wood pulp paper quality, followed by manufacturing ( Mainly glazing sizing) 。 Wood pulp content, the higher the flexibility of the paper, the better, so, before you do, be sure to see a lot sample, or consult wangjing customer service, only such ability won't be deceived.
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