Custom of playing CARDS, you should know these things

by:WJPC     2021-02-08
Although advertising poker propaganda effect is good, more and more enterprise business brand, but not all of the industry for advertising poker customization, for brand promotion. Because it involves the problem is not just playing CARDS, there are other things, that is marketing solutions! Poker is just a tool, a kind of carrier, just like you do WeChat marketing, WeChat is just a tool, not a series of marketing strategy and plan, everything to talk. We do advertising poker, too, must be the advertising is more than playing CARDS, so we want to good how to design the poker ads, can achieve the result that we expect. So, first, our brand and our products who are the target customers? Which groups of people, what are the characteristics, have what demand & hellip; … Such as: youth petticoats, so real demand is in youth is beautiful, so in this kind of women's advertising poker can design models wearing clothing on the scene; More CARDS show click on the image in the industry, pain points 2: because small only pain points can stimulate consumer demand inner & hellip; … Such as: automotive air cleaner, pain points for formaldehyde harm health, so the car air cleaner on brand advertising poker can highlight & other; Formaldehyde & throughout; The word; Third, benefits: there are bad is good, there is crisis there is a solution to the crisis plan & hellip; … Such as: automotive air cleaner, since the pain points is formaldehyde harm health, so we can highlight on advertising poker & other; In addition to formaldehyde, 24 hours away from harm, health care & throughout; ! Did you see? No matter what industry, in the design of advertising poker into, can from several dimensions, of course, for some big brands, big companies have their own marketing team, but for small businesses, small brands does not have its own marketing team, can draw lessons from the above.
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