December price letter on record-keeping rises 50 - packing 200 yuan/ton

by:WJPC     2021-02-21
Guide language: in late November, as the giant on the news, the market prices are some loose from top to bottom. Upstream record-keeping slightly bright or dark to inventory reduction, downstream cardboard factory have appeared in the regional price sheet. But time of the upcoming news for the paper, and then cause a shortage of raw materials in the industry of panic, in early December waste paper, base paper prices rebound again. 1, shandong, hebei, a few paper factory price of 50 - 100 yuan/ton - end of November In early December this round of adjustment on part of the paper mill in hebei and shandong provinces and paper traders, involving paper including white board paper, corrugated paper, paper tube. Shandong substantial paper co. , LTD. : because of the recent rise in raw material, cause the rise in the cost of production, from December 1, I company's one-side coated white board paper price increase 100 yuan/ton. The original outstanding orders also in the range of prices. Bartender DingDing tai paper co. , LTD. : a recent because of shortage of raw material market, the effects of rising costs, the company decided to since November 30, corrugated paper core ( High watts, puah) Price increase 100 yuan/ton. Bao Jin Na paper co. , LTD. , in the near future due to the raw material and the factors, especially the cost of waste paper, since November 30, all g corrugated paper price increase 50 yuan. Qinhuangdao zhaofeng paper co. , LTD. : the influence of raw materials, natural gas prices, serious base paper production costs rise, from December 1, my company production of all products price increase 100 yuan/ton. Sha-he JiuFa paper co. , LTD. : by natural gas, the influence of raw material rising, the company's production costs increased significantly, from December 1 bobbin paper price increase 100 yuan/ton. Tianjin debao freeman co. , LTD. : the recent sino-us trade friction, resulting in a decline in factory capacity and the influence of the global outbreak of the new champions league and international sea freight cost of cattle paperboard caused by soaring rise considerably, from December 1, we supply makar price increase 200 yuan/ton.
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