do-it-yourself: queen of hearts costume

by:WJPC     2020-06-06
The Queen of Hearts is a character in Lewis Carroll\'s Alice in Wonderland. She is a hot-
Grumpy Royal, his most famous line is \"hot head \"!
\"Of course, the character was inspired by a pair of red heart female ace cards from traditional playing cards.
You can buy one.
Make costumes, but it\'s easy to do it yourself: The red heart queen costume can be made in a few steps away. Start this do-it-
Own red heart queen costume with red dress.
Search for Royal thrift stores or discount stores-
Formal or floor
Long red dress made of taffeta, satin or other hard material.
Choose a matched dress that you can decorate.
Stick some imitation stone or small mirror to the chest and hem with a hot glue gun to make your clothes look very royal.
If you have a stapler for DingTalk, nail your clothes with decorative rhinestones.
By adding some tulle to the bottom of the gown, fluff the bottom of the gown.
Plus a pair of elbows-
Red gloves.
Make a fan from playing cards and wear it with your red heart queen costume.
First, stick the three cards together.
Red, black and red are used alternately.
After you stick the three cards together, cover another row, this time five cards, behind it and above.
Make sure the cards are all faced the same way.
Keep the colors alternating, red, black and red.
After the second line is secure, add the third and fourth lines with more cards per line than the previous line.
Make the fan big enough to use, but don\'t be too big, you can\'t hold it.
The last point is the Royal collar made of cards, which will really appeal to the red heart queen\'s costume.
Glue the card together with a circle of about one
Open the third circle.
This shape should fit your neck and the edges should be hung on the skirt.
Alternate pattern using redblack-red-black again.
Expand the collar by sticking more cards to the collar.
Next, use a hot glue gun to attach the red heart queen playing card to the comb, wear it on the hair, or stick three face cards with glue ---
Whether it\'s micro or full size-
Comb your hair.
For a smaller hair accessory, cut the heart shape from your playing card and stick it on your comb.
Add a little queen crown to your outfit and use a lot of Queen\'s attitude.
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