Do poker now still valid?

by:WJPC     2021-01-26
China is the world big producer and exporter, consumer card number more than 1. 2 billion. Poker has a broad mass base, easy to carry, save, can use repeatedly, with low cost brought by the industrialization production, media characteristics of poker is more and more clearly revealed, compared to newspapers, magazines and television media, the unique effect of poker advertising is more and more enterprises and institutions. Successful business depends on marketing. Many enterprises in the exhibition of print, but visitors accepted with a throw, worked so hard to make color tends to be swept into the dustbin. Most of the time, exquisite album a few dollars, more than a dozen yuan a, will be visitors with a throw. Compared with the color pages, 54 poker A4 paper is the area of the 5. 5 times, propaganda lasts much longer. A warrant poker magic effect of the war in Iraq, is proof of that. So, now do poker ads, the effect is very significant.

why table with bee playing CARDS?
poker ( poker) Has two meanings: one refers to the CARDS, also known as card ( 打牌) , another is to point to to use card to play the game, called a poker game. And one of the most famous is the bee poker, because this is in the world series of poker game with dedicated token, also an important part of the poker table playing CARDS. Characterized by single card back decorative pattern, and endless, have prevent others produce thousands of USES. There is also a part of stage magic using this kind of card, like a magician in the United States, a magic the headmaster said the Jeff. Brad also love the kind of card. Bee card poker made using a unique, unparalleled pulp, card brand company founded in 1892 by the United States. The bee card poker is superior to the other brand card companies in the United States, is made of selected mixing raw materials. A bee brand special poker club from manufacturing to consumers' hands after 200 procedure. Has experienced 110 years of continuous improvement, the bee card poker has a unique feel, sound and durability, is difficult to replicate the unique CARDS from other manufacturers.
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