Do you know poker wanted?

by:WJPC     2021-02-14
On March 20, 2003 American and British coalition military action in Iraq, the war in Iraq. In April, American troops occupied the Iraqi capital Baghdad, but top officials of saddam's regime collective escape, American troops to capture these people seem to be very difficult, then the us decided to adopt the traditional way of dropping leaflets and wanted to catch, and handed the task of a local printing plant. Due to the printing quantity is too large, the workers often relax by playing CARDS while at rest, one named Princeton employee suddenly had an idea, is to take these objects are wanted on the CARDS, can be used to entertainment, but also can improve the work efficiency, and convenient to carry, so he will this idea by email to inform the U. S. central command, didn't expect the next day received a reply, the willing to adopt his idea, so the printing shop started mass production, and in addition to the U. S. and British troops, even the city of Baghdad residents are a deck of playing CARDS by hand, added up to distribute the millions. The poker wanted A total of 55 pieces, of which 52 were clearly marked wanted Iraqi official photo, name and position, such as spades is Iraqi President saddam hussein, spade K is ali & middot; Hasan & middot; Majid, he is a commander in southern Iraq war zone, etc. As of May 2, the former Iraqi vice President - maloof surrender, on the CARDS for 17 senior officials were arrested, in the meantime, poker a warrant for the action played a huge role, is wanted for the other form is incomparable. Poker wanted this kind of creative and innovative way of wanted also makes many media and advertising companies amaze, who did you come up with this & other A genius idea & throughout; Came from a small printing workers, and this is the history of advertising poker last classic case, advertising poker, always have other promotional irreplaceable role, it is more convenient, can let a person more attention. In the contemporary, advertising poker can not only play the role of propaganda, has a great collection value.
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