Do you know the WSOP?

by:WJPC     2021-02-15
Poker competition, we should have heard some, each country, each region has different specifications of the poker game, but have you ever heard the WSOP? WSOP the World Series of Poke, the World Series of poker, we may be very curious, poker, the World Series? In fact, not only such, WSOP with WPT ( The world poker tour) EPT ( European poker tournament) And called the world three big poker game, of which the WSOP world series of poker game is a the most authoritative and most respected competitions. The origin of the WSOP in 1949. When more than 50 years old Greek famous gambler Nicholas & middot; Mr Dan came to Las Vegas, please later founded of the horseshoe casino poker and gaming industry legend benny & middot; A gamble than Kenyon arranged for him, he will come to bet on the highest one-on-one one-on-one hit game. Later than, found the famous players in Texas ZhangNi & middot; Risk, two people started the game. Which one is more than 5 months, attracted a lot of people watching, final dent lawes lost all his 2. 5 million funds. Game over, dent rouse, to more than 40 years old take slightly bowed, said & other; Mr, I have to let you go then turn round and go upstairs to bed. This very gentleman performance win at that time and later gamblers great respect, his words also became famous. Then the game scene is always linger in the mind than Mr, he also got the world series of poker player together held a contest of ideas. As conditions mature, he let his son jack & middot; Than, to make the arrangements, and named for the World Series of Poker. In 1970 the first world series of poker in local, only more than 30 people to attend at the time, and finally no bonus. In 1971, only 6 people to participate in the main event, but since then the basic finalize the design, then the number of entries is also increasing. In the 90 s, the number has grown to more than 400 people, have increasing Numbers of bonuses. Rapid development after entering the 21st century, the WSOP, bonus increased from 1 million to 2000 in 1. 5 million, 2002 and 2006, respectively, 2 million, 2. 5 million, 5 million, 7. 5 million, 12 million dollars. Main event number swelled from 1999 in 393 to nearly 8773 people in 2006. Who also did not expect, WSOP is so hot, it also reflects the rapid development of the poker. In recent years, Chinese poker printing industry has developed rapidly, China has become a global poker most populous country, production and sales of poker as a entertainment tool in people daily life, widely loved by people, as people living standard unceasing enhancement, poker sales continue to increase, quality requirements and continuously improve the poker. Under the background of such a market, and constantly prompt card printing industry to industrial upgrading, and demand a higher level of product quality and service, and this also is to have scale, quality and brand advantages of wangjing printing co. , LTD provides a good opportunity of development. Wangjing company CARDS both stiffness, sliding and folding degrees, clarity, or feel much the general customers the high praise and favor, wangjing, just do the best brand in China, just do the best brand in the world.
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