Do you like this picture LOL poker?

by:WJPC     2021-02-16
About the card game that will have to mention the hero kill or killed in The Three Kingdoms, and the game completely can play in reality, many players have curtilage at home recently, presumably in mobile game and network PC games at the same time, also have some players playing CARDS, if the hero alliance a LOL theme of CARDS do you think? A Korean painter on hero alliance as the theme to make out a set of CARDS, the texture of the single theory of poker and pattern design, presumably after hero alliance out their own poker certainly won't be worse than this. May be some players feel the hero league poker is likely to be on the blank area with hero league hero photos to go, after all hero league hero concept is carefully designed, and it can do a lot but those heroes are poker, if coupled with what equipment and summoner canyon elements ( Intelligent, defensive towers, batman, Nash baron, elemental dragon) CARDS have to have a good variety of, the hero alliance. And the league of the painter is sauce hero some heroes as Q version, and then take what we call wang, the painter is love with Q version of the card and the action of the card is also very vivid, and of course beside the red K, the picture is the tsar, and the upper part is the czar's Q version of the picture, and below is the tsar will rema and czar of the solar disk, these details for hero alliance players do is meticulously.
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