Early childhood literacy really matter?

by:WJPC     2021-02-22
Early childhood literacy usually refers to children in intellectual development period of the development process, a child literacy must grasp the method to this period, the period of the child or image memory way of thinking. Adult learning styles not appropriate to children. Relevant experts believe that actually preschoolers shoulds not be too early to learn to read and write. According to the understanding of the children in our country is generally 6 Chen kai-ge, 6 Zhou Hanyu learn pinyin, then look at the picture from read pinyin began to read. Experts believe that the ultimate goal of teaching children to read is to & other; As soon as possible to read & throughout; 。 Research theory, the intelligence of children depends on a good reading ability. Reading ability form the sooner, the better the comprehensive development of children. World famous educator Su Huom linsky said & other; Who did not learn and understand to read fluently, he is unlikely to successfully master the knowledge, the book has its own gold room. Children once in reading, you can gain knowledge and wisdom, because they can learn from the book recorded predecessors and others knowledge, technical skills, thinking and methods to deal with problems, etc. , the world view, outlook on life can be very good as the guidance and inspiration; Visible, let the children learn to read, to cultivate their interest in learning is very beneficial.
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