Encyclopedia of advertising poker poker production know how much custom equipment

by:WJPC     2021-01-29
Advertising poker are a very professional custom, the equipment used by most of them are special equipment industry. Let's come together and see what advertising poker custom equipment? Printing equipment ( Printer) Is advertising poker custom equipment equipment essential to the first one. Different processing purposes of advertising poker custom home of printing equipment factory is not the same. In terms of big, used for processing market poker ( Commodities poker) Printing equipment used in the factory is relatively simple, usually use simple flexo roller device. Processing for advertising poker ( Enterprise edition gift gift CARDS, not for sale) Printing equipment is excellent, the enterprise general is basically, mitsubishi and other high-end printing equipment, Heidelberg is offset printing technology. The colour of it and advertising poker complex, beautifully printed. Advertising poker printing equipment with the domestic many is similar color printing equipment, a lot can be Shared. And market poker printing equipment can only be used for processing of goods poker. Poker polishing production line equipment, the equipment is a unique advertising poker custom industry equipment, is in not in other industries. Poker was the first CARDS on the glazing night ( A bit like emulsioni paint) Soak, then drying, the process of calender. The work done in the form of an assembly line of disposable, there will be a lot of advertising poker custom equipment assembled into a complete processing line. The main equipment includes boiler for heating, used for soaking pool equipment, transmission equipment, used to transfer data is used for drying drying equipment, used for pressure of light pressure light equipment, etc. The poker advertising poker custom equipment whether goods or advertising poker are basically the same. Used for advertising poker custom poker by cutting equipment. This equipment is mainly including cutting machine and cutting machine. Cutting equipment mainly will be a big sheet of printed CARDS from sliced into rectangular pieces the size of poker, cutting equipment and tiny will work out the rounded, thus a large piece of paper into a piece of a piece of advertising poker. The rest is packaging equipment, the advertising poker custom equipment mainly includes the processing box and carton equipment and automatic packing equipment, and plastic WaiFeng equipment. Poker customize boxes and boxes of equipment and general packaging plant equipment are basically similar, without too big change, here mainly talk about equipment and automatic boxes WaiFeng plastic equipment. In artificial cost is low, 2008 years ago, most of the advertising poker custom tooling box manufacturer or user, then there is no this suit box processing equipment. As the labor cost is higher and higher, machinery and equipment instead of manual assembly line work also began to rise, automatic cartoning machine equipment also began to use a wide range of promotion. WaiFeng plastic equipment of this kind of equipment and cigarette enterprises is the same, are in the final product packaging on the package on a thin layer of plastic layer, namely good-looking and damp-proof.
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