First grade children read card works?

by:WJPC     2021-02-20
Scientific evidence from the physiological point of view, childhood is one of the fastest brain development phase, a period of memory ability is especially strong. Research suggests that the age of three natural memory ability and the peak of the overall pattern recognition, children can know other items like contact with nature, and further understanding of Chinese characters. Say, 4 - Children under the age of five have generally can learn to read, and learning ability is not better than 6 - Children under the age of 7. Some experts believe that even begin from children with graphics recognition ability can teach them to read! So, don't worry about the child to read and write too early, when he would turn pages, and make a short thinking, will stare at the pictures look carefully, this time the child's graphics recognition ability in the process of gradually develop. That is to say, at the age of the baby or so you can begin to consciously to literacy education enlightenment! Have a words to say well: always favours those who have the opportunity to prepare the people. If your child has entered the first grade, however, new words, inadequate reserves using the wangjing literacy card completes the teaching material of new words preview, still can let the child in the classroom & other; Don't left behind & throughout; And even & other; Fast one step & throughout; 。 You know, & other; Prepare & throughout; When is never too late to start!
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