Four people run fast game rules?

by:WJPC     2021-02-11
Four people run fast using a deck of CARDS, need to get rid of one of the big wang, each player with hand is 13. If use two CARDS, do not need to remove any CARDS, each player with hand is 27. With the game first to spades 3 players play, play of the game rules card type. The rest of the players can use the bigger CARDS to tube, if there is no greater type with card can card, play out the biggest hold first-hand the card players can get out to the right. Players can form the hands card type including individual, pair, meet, even for, even meet zhang, zhang shunza, flush, bombs, is two to connect, even in case of the meet is two meet Zhang Qilian, shunza is five Zhang Qilian Zhang Qilian bombs are four. Players in the game go fast, or lose the game in the hands of the rest of the quantity is the base of points, that is in the hands of the rest of the brand and score the more, the more the more severe losses.
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