Game CARDS hidden world, why so popular!

by:WJPC     2021-01-27
'Secret world' is a double against card tables, the basic package is now available as early as 2016, with the support of numerous players for the game, after in 2017 and 2018, has launched the expansion pack 'introduction' and cooperation pattern core packages 'la cataclysm, the production of the game and play more and more mature, get the favour of countless players. This is an epic across the illusion and reality, it depicts the real world hidden behind the supernatural, the dark mage and alien, their ability to rely on their own special, numerous secret association for world dominion. Game card, the communist party of China is divided into five types, respectively, regional brand, roles, and the secret club card, attached card and business card. The card on behalf of both parties can compete for the region, win the regional brand is the main way to score points and eventually win, the two sides can be used jointly; Secret club card represents the player chosen faction, it will provide players with some additional capabilities and advantages, but it also limit the player's group; Role represents the player can deploy men, hire professionals and summoned plane monsters; Accessory brand represents items, enchantment, status, blessing and a curse, can continue to strengthen or weaken a card or area; Transactions on behalf of the players, the plot of the tactics, emergencies and mysterious magic. In the game, the role CARDS, accessory, transaction constitutes a player's library, although the game card and props are many, but it is not as complicated as I thought. Group brand has a high degree of freedom in the game, players can add different factions card deck, but also want to consider each card brand loyalty. At any time, if the player's meter partition of 8 points or more, he will win the game, which player library is empty, or that he will fail immediately. This is a parallel to the reality of the virtual world, each person with delicate manipulation behind the scenes to the entire world, if you want to join the secretive world for his power and authority, the game will be your best choice.
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