General process and basic process of making advertising poker

by:WJPC     2021-02-13
Printing a success. ' /> Toggle navigation 首页HOME 产品中心 黑芯纸 蓝芯纸 铜版纸 灰芯纸 PVC塑料扑克 我要定制 实力展示 客户见证 荣誉资质 扑克资讯 公司动态 行业资讯 常见问题 联系我们 主页> 资讯中心> 行业资讯> 站内搜索 产品中心 黑芯纸 蓝芯纸 铜版纸 灰芯纸 PVC塑料扑克 制作广告扑克牌的一般工艺及基本过程日期:2018- 10 - 29 08:28 popular' target='_blank'>poker process is to adopt the international standard, the standard size is: 86. 5 * 56. 5, number is 54 - A plain 55, with rounded corners. 1, the printing process: common printed CARDS are monochrome printing presses, and there are four color printing machine, and 6 + 1 printer, even the hardest thing to do advertising poker ( 8 colors & ndash; — 10 color) Can two printing success. 2, polishing process, glazing and baking process change is not big, just changed from original oil heating to the electric heating, produce more efficiently. 3, brand: the current points card process are active cutting machine used to produce high efficiency, the biggest advantage is to use less artificial. 4, die-cutting, is make the Angle of the CARDS into a rounded corners. Now is a consistent abrasive. 5, brand: tooling poker low efficiency, slow delivery, serious influence confession CARDS manufacturing cycle. Current machine adopts full active boxes, each box packing machine with 6 - Eight people, a day of production is 40000. The basic process of making advertising poker: a, have the special paper CARDS, cut a certain size, then the computer printing. Second, followed by coating a layer of liquid light, make CARDS smooth, shiny. Three, below is cutting, there are the latest cutting machine, put the big poker, points out is a deck of playing CARDS. But is right Angle. Four, behind is cut rectangular poker rushed into the fillet. Have a special Angle of attack machine to rush. Five, the next is to examine a poker, poker box packing. Six, poker here is almost finished, use of the packed box poker poker sealing machine sealing the cellophane. Seven, with a poker like ten hot shrinkage, hot shrinkage machine packing and then complete the process.
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