get ready to trade in those old paper farecards

by:WJPC     2020-06-29
Dear Dr.
Traffic jam: I want to change many paper cards to SmarTrip cards.
Many retired people want to know how to do this. Advice?
Working in mail? Nah, can’t be. —
Roy Powell, DG, Falls Church: No, no.
Passengers should take their paper cards to the vending machines at the subway station and add them to the plastic SmarTrip card.
Whether you\'re a retiree like Powell or still a staff member, you\'ll want to collect your old paper cards and make a transfer.
The subway is phasing out paper.
Passengers will notice the beginning of the transition this fall, as transport personnel will gradually reinvent the old vending machines for the new era, when they will only issue SmarTrip cards.
According to the schedule of the subway, you will no longer be able to use the paper card through the fare door.
But you can still transfer the value of farec to the SmarTrip card --
At least until June 30.
Take them to the station vending machine and tap the SmarTrip card on disk with images of blue, green and white SmarTrip cards.
Follow the prompts on the screen to add value to your SmarTrip, then put your old farec into the slot in the lower right corner, where you can see the image of the paper card.
To complete the transaction, touch the SmarTrip card to disk again.
The direction in front of the big blue machine is clear.
This is not more difficult than paying street parking fees at a green kiosk in the area.
Still, I won\'t try to swap many paper cards with the long lines behind me during peak hours.
There is no limit to the number you can enter the vending machine, but the value of each paper card cannot exceed $33.
Don\'t try this on a little blue machine
Look like those of r2 2.
That is the side of the big machine.
The small one is only used to sell SmarTrip cards.
Metro has been guiding us in this direction for several years.
The price of SmarTrip cards dropped from $5 to $2, which more accurately reflects their cost.
Meanwhile, Metro is reducing the appeal of paper cards.
Unlike plastic cards, they cannot be used for busesrail transfers.
Each time a paper card is used, an additional $1 is added to the cost of the ride.
If you play outsideof-
This summer, guests in town must know the surcharges on paper and tell them that the $2 plastic card is a better option.
This message has been communicated to most passengers.
Subway officials estimate that more than 90% of rail passengers pay for fares using SmarTrip.
It\'s easy to see what\'s in the subway.
Plastic Card system than Subway Spokesman Sherri Ly said \"1950s-
Times magnetic fare media.
\"What\'s the good for you?
Well, if the fare gates don\'t need to take a few sheets of paper for a ride through the payment mechanism and spit them out, then they\'re unlikely to crash.
Also, if the rider is just tapping on the plastic and not waiting to recycle the paper, they can go through the gate faster.
The biggest benefit is that you can do many transactions online with plastic cards.
If you sign up for SmarTrip-
If you want to add value from a bunch of paper cards, I urge you to do so --
You can also set up an online account that automatically complements its value.
It works like this.
Driver\'s ZPass account
I like the system.
When your preset value drops below $10, it is added to the card.
Every time you use the card, you don\'t have to stare at the reading at the gate of the fare.
You don\'t need to tie a lot of money to the card.
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