Golden tarot, gift necessary?

by:WJPC     2021-01-20
Now, more and more people begin to accept the tarot, also more and more interested in tarot culture. Wangjing is committed to the best quality design and production, the tarot help people further understand the tarot culture. And then I introduce the is designed by wangjing golden tarot CARDS. How, isn't it cool? Anyway, small make up 24 k pure titanium alloy dog eye has been bright is blind. Golden appearance, high grade atmosphere; Exquisite packaging, gift collection good choice, take a look at came to a stop. The golden tarot, a total of 78 pieces, using the large size of 88 * 126 mm, than the average tarot CARDS ( 70*120mm) Faces more, feel better. In addition, select 350 g coated paper as material, thick, heavy, have qualitative feeling more, and coated paper are relatively cheap and can meet the needs of customers for the price. Coated paper printing color reduction degree is good, design clarity, especially for the tarot that higher requirements for the design and color CARDS, using coated fitting. The surface of the card through UV oil + stamping edge processing, delicate and beautiful appearance, design is exquisite, feel is smooth. And packaging USES golden gift box cover heaven and earth, greatly improving the product grade and added value. Golden appearance, gorgeous, elegant, used to giving both mind and status; Large size faces, let you more row ( Card) Surface; Using special gift packaging, designed for gift. If you are still in the gifts and struggle for the festival, to wangjing, the golden tarot will be your best choice!
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