hoarding magic cards makes you an asshole

by:WJPC     2020-06-05
In order to qualify for the professional tour, I have to do all the magic.
For March\'s retention list decision, I\'m not sure how to practice using the old format.
The reserved list is a pile of cards printed a few years ago, which are coastal wizards (
Companies that make magic: Collections)
Promise not to print anymore.
Until last month, there was a vulnerability wizard used to print some of these cards.
That\'s what they did over the years until everything was fine, and some Jeff Denham fans complained and ruined the rest of us.
Not a tea bag-
These idiots represent a small number of magical players, but they have a big temper enough that wizards can close the holes.
Including me, a lot of people think this will be a great opportunity for Wizards to abolish the list because the existence of the list makes it too expensive for people to use the old card play format.
For example, I can buy a pair of dolls that Beyonce blew up for $80 and how much it would cost to buy a double land.
If you can find the double land they are out of stock in CoolStuffInc.
Com and most other places.
Pay $320 for a game (four copies)
Lindsay in this land.
That\'s how I describe the crazy things.
Why Lindsay?
Four cards for $320.
Of course, some of the cards in the standard can be sold for $70 to the extent they are popular, but their prices are down, and they are easier to get due to reprint and greater printing costs, and people who want to trade.
Regarding the price of Magic cards, one of the key things to keep in mind, in addition to the cards on the list: they can cost $70, but those who own them may be willing to separate them for less.
As long as they know how many cards are there, there is no problem with the transaction if the card owner wants to do so.
But have you ever traded someone\'s double land or another reserved list card?
Just like being forced to watch anime.
Wizards are giving in to the few players who have broken the game.
They are called hoarding prostitutes and should never be heard.
Don\'t believe me? Go ahead.
Discuss with a hoarded prostitute and hear them explain how hoarded Magic cards are comparable to holding shares in companies like Apple. No. It\'s not.
If you want to see how corrosive these people are to an industry, ask Marvel or DC Comics about how long it will take to recover from the post-90 s crash of hoarding speculation.
At that time, prostitutes at ho Ji wh thought that comics would become the new gold standard.
The bad thing is, the fucking mess hasn\'t started yet.
Now, it shouldn\'t be confusing for collectors to hoard prostitutes.
Collectors are rational people who may or may not have financial motives.
Hoarding prostitutes is entirely financial and their goal is to take as many cards from others as possible and sit on them as long as possible.
Hoarding prostitutes believes their cards will fund their survival after the end of the world.
They\'re not from baseball cards.
They are not the bronzes of the president of the United States.
You buy these things and it makes you happy and then you continue your life.
Stock up on cards so that others can\'t play in the old format, this is a dick move.
Hoarding Magic cards will not make you a wise investor, it will make you a jerk. (
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