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by:WJPC     2020-06-07
There are few real platforms and it\'s easy to fake, but eBay\'s bid is crazy. NEW YORK (CNN/Money)-When Brig. Gen.
Vincent Brooks raised a deck of playing cards at a press conference in Qatar on April 11, and a house of reporters saw clever ways to package the image of Iraqi leaders.
Some enterprising collectors watch at home and they see a way to make money.
According to the Ministry of Defense, the cards were designed \"to alert key Iraqi personnel of interest and to provide recreational resources for field forces \".
\"As long as we can, we try to have something that is dual-purpose,\" said the secretary of state. S.
Army major Randi Steffy, spokesman for Central Command.
Just a few days after the general introduced the cards, collectors had already started looking for them.
The seller\'s claimed \"authentic\" bid is easy to cross the $100 line on eBay.
As of Tuesday morning, the bid for a deck was as high as $230.
Even a cd with a.
PDF files of cards being sold--
Although the same electronic images are available free of charge on the DOD website.
Max Hodges, an EBay seller, peddled CDs of electronic files, claiming he was selling images of high-resolution versions.
He said he assumed that many buyers wanted to print copies of their own cards and sell them using the file.
Hodges said he is also printing and selling cards.
\"My plan is to hit the sidewalk and sell it in gun shops and liquor stores,\" he said . \".
However, it is difficult to find a real deck of the most popular Iraqi playing cards.
Lieutenant Colonel Jim Brooks, a spokesman for the Defense Intelligence Agency, said that initially only \"a few hundred decks\" of printing had been sent to Qatar\'s central command for distribution.
He said that DIA printed the original works at its own printing house before the war began, which were delivered at the beginning of the hostilities.
If CentCom asks for a full set of cards, DIA will go to the external contractor to print them.
Since these pictures are available for free on the Internet, these cards can easily be forged, Brooks said.
The initial operation of the card is produced on ordinary heavy paper.
He noted that they were individually hand-cut and did not have rounded corners, nor did they have a special coating commonly used for commercial playing cards.
\"Technically, you can run it through a printer,\" he said . \".
In addition to the actual card group and electronic files, you can also purchase other cards-
Relevant souvenirs on EBay, such as replicas, posters and mouse pads with card images.
The seller\'s claim of \"authentic\" cards currently costs up to $150.
At least one seller claimed, \"I was able to get my hands on a limited deck by calling me some help!
This auction page on Monday night gives an \"buy now\" price of $8.
The seller claims to have 99 of the nearly 2,700 decks.
\"I knew a long time ago that you needed a little patience and doubt,\" said Walter Mach, vice president of Auction at 52 Plus Joker club, a poker Collector\'s Club.
Mach compares the current situation with the most popular Iraqi cards and other collections.
\"You always meet a fool and he says, \'I want the first original,\'\" he said \'. \". So-
Produced the so-called \"observer\" card for the United StatesS.
Mach said that during World War II, the army, as well as the conflict between North Korea and Vietnam.
The cards produced in these wars, he said, feature the contours of enemy planes and are usually sold at today\'s auction for $100.
Mach said the cards were more like real playing cards than the DIA spokesman described.
Once there are real examples that can be verified, buyers can see if they have.
He said that factors such as the size of the card, the color of the card inventory and the quality of the printing will provide clues.
The card is compact and portable and durable, unlike the wall chart that may be used in other cases.
Their added entertainment features provide an incentive for soldiers to keep looking at names and images.
\"Given the way special forces operate, it might be a good idea,\" Brooks said . \".
The cards will also provide a handy code for soldiers to refer to enemy personnel in case someone hears them, he said.
He said, \"If you\'re in the wild, you can say, \'Hey, I think I have five diamonds here. \'. Indeed, Abd Al-Baqi Abd Al-
Karim Abdullah
Saaton, the chairman of the Fuxing party district, may be a valuable opportunity on five diamond cards.
However, the biggest prize must be the spades ace, the face card of Saddam Hussein.
Of course, only he is real.
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