How about WJPC Printing Company independent R&D capabilities?
Shenzhen WJPC Printing Co., Ltd. has been developing our independent R&D capabilities to satisfy the needs of customers. The professional R&D team consists of highly experienced engineers and designers who keep generating innovative ideas to develop new products. From prototypes design, to testing on usability and other features, and to refining the design until finished promotional deck of cards , we have our own strict R&D process.

Focused on the magic playing cards industry for many years, magic playing cards has grown to be a vanguard enterprise. WJPC Printing Company's playing cards custom printing series contains multiple sub-products. Quality control of sewing is practiced during the manufacturing of WJPC poker card sets. It is carried out to guarantee the sewing is consistent, the lines are uniform, and the edges and unwanted threads are trimmed perfectly. Its pieces provide excellent touch and pliability. The product has a low harmonic rate. The product is produced according to the international index on Electro-Magnetic Interference(EMI), and it has low electric energy losses to the electric supply line and zero pollution to the power grid. Its pieces are moisture-resistant and abrasion-resistant.

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