How are materials used by WJPC Printing Company for producing playing card size ?
There are plenty of materials being used for producing playing card . Shenzhen WJPC Printing Co., Ltd. will conduct experiments to find out the best ratio of the materials for the optimal performance of the product. The materials, before put into the workshop, have been fully tested and inspected to see whether there are defects or malfunctions. They are indeed packed in good condition and well maintained for long term storage. Customers can browse through our website to see the materials or visit our factory for on-site verification.

In a good market environment, WJPC Printing Company has grown quickly in the field of poker cards. WJPC Printing Company is mainly engaged in the business of playing card and other product series. WJPC playing cards custom printing is designed with high phone adaptability. It is designed with good functionality and compatibility with different models. The image won't smudge easily from moisture on the player's hands. WJPC Printing Company introduces advanced production equipment and sophisticated testing equipment, and employs designers with strong capability. We make sure that cardistry cards is exquisite in appearance and high in quality.

We plan to adopt green production. We promise not to discard the waste materials or residues generated during production, and we will handle and dispose of them properly according to national regulations.
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