How can I get oracle card sample?
Contact Shenzhen WJPC Printing Co., Ltd. and detail the needs. The salesperson may offer you assistance. You may visit our factory and get the oracle card samples in need if you want different product samples. We welcome your comments on the samples and will customize products based on your needs.

WJPC continuously improves tarot deck cards effectively to protect the interests of customers. WJPC Printing Company's poker cards series contains multiple sub-products. Inspections for WJPC tarot decks for sale will take place during and after production. During production, the product will be checked for sewing quality (seams, stitches, and openings), and physical properties (resistance to tearing, shrinkage, color fastness) after production. Its pieces are moisture-resistant and abrasion-resistant. Unlike the traditional bulbs, the product is supplied with a low voltage to ensure users' safety. Thus, the inductance is developed as small as possible to ensure high peak current which produces enough brightness. There is less card dust in the box.

WJPC Printing Company aims to fully introducing its cardistry cards into international markets. Please contact us!
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