How can I track my casino playing cards ?
Shenzhen WJPC Printing Co., Ltd. supplies tracking numbers for all deliveries. This will let you monitor their place. In case you haven't got the tracking number, please get in touch with us. We're here in order to assist. We guarantee that playing card can reach you safely.

WJPC Printing Company is a technologically advanced enterprise which mainly produces custom game card. WJPC Printing Company's cardistry cards series contains multiple sub-products. Stringent performance tests for WJPC baby learning flash cards have been completed with reasonable results. The product has passed tests of physical properties, including colorfastness, fabric strength, tension strength, shrinkage, and resistance to tearing, washing, and UV. Its pieces provide excellent touch and pliability. Thanks to its temperature cooling system, this product won't operate over-hotly and cause a fire. It is capable of working stably at a much lower temperature. Its pieces have a clear grain and a smooth feel.

WJPC adheres to the tenet of cultivating corporate culture always. Please contact us!
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