how do flash cards help learning?

by:WJPC     2019-11-10
If used properly, flash cards can prove to be an important learning tool for students.
Flash cards contain information on a variety of different topics such as vocabulary, history, or mathematical formulas.
This information is mentioned on the card in question and answer form.
Due to the use of the principle of interval repetition, flash cards are useful tools to enhance memory.
Why flash cards?
There are many students in a class. They all have different learning styles.
Therefore, the role of the teacher is to be able to relate to all the different types of learners in the class.
A large percentage of students in a particular class may be inclined to visual learning styles.
Flashcards are very helpful for such learners as they are usually vibrant and colorful and can attract the attention of visual learners.
One of the most important uses of flash cards is to learn and practice vocabulary.
This can be applied to students of any age and stage of education.
Activities using flash cards there are many activities that can be carried out in class by using flash cards.
Let\'s take a look at some of them.
Memory Tester: This activity involves scheduling several flashcards on the floor, giving students a minute to go through these flashcards and memorize the information.
The students were then divided into groups and asked to write down as much information as they could remember in two minutes.
Invisible flash cards: in this event, nine flash cards Kaka on the board and draw a grid around them.
Students are then asked to practice nine words on each word with a pen or pointer.
When students are asked to continue drilling for the words to remove the flash card, the teacher slowly begins to remove the flash card one by one.
Assuming the card is still on the blackboard, students need to continue practicing.
At the end of the activity, the student confirms which card must be placed in a specific grid.
Reveal the word: Here, the teacher covers another flash card with one flash card and slowly reveals it, and the students should guess the word.
Once the card was leaked, the teacher asked the class to repeat the word after him or her.
How does this help?
Flash cards are an interesting way to learn, so students can enjoy and remember things at the same time.
Conclusion The use of different activities related to flash cards is a refreshing change to the regular learning model, enabling students to better retain things.
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