How long it will take for custom processing?
Basically, it takes a shorter time to do the custom processing for Shenzhen WJPC Printing Co., Ltd. than the ODM processing. During the process, we are required to manufacture the products according to the drawing sketches providede by customers and utilize our advanced technology during the manufacturing process. Only when we get the confirmation about the samples from customers can we start the formal mass production. In the process, the preliminary communication takes a lot of time and energy. However, we are equipped with highly advanced machines and streamlined the production process. This guarantees that we can finish the mass production and deliver the customed products as soon as possible.

WJPC continuously improves playing cards custom printing effectively to protect the interests of customers. WJPC Printing Company's poker cards series contains multiple sub-products. Risk analysis for the fabrics used in WJPC print board game cards will be carried out. The analysis will check whether the ingredients in the fabrics are harmful and toxic and whether it causes pollution after being disposed of. The coated surface makes it resistant to water drops. The product has surge protection against the damage from surge voltage. Thus, its chips can be well protected from sudden burnout, and the product is guaranteed to have a longer service life. Its size can be customized and modified according to needs.

Customer oriented has been the focus during the development of WJPC brand. Inquire!
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