How long will it take if I want kids learning cards sample?
We will deliver regular learning card sample as soon as possible once you make your decision. But if you have some special needs like customizing the samples, it will take longer time. Before shipment, we need to conform the sample type, size, specification, etc., for which we can guarantee the communication efficiency. We have always been working with reliable and trustworthy courier company for years, that absolutely guarantees the sample will be transported to you safely and efficiently.

WJPC has vigorously explored the best cardistry playing cards which makes it a trustworthy provider in cardistry cards industry. Shenzhen WJPC Printing Co., Ltd.'s magic playing cards series contains multiple sub-products. WJPC printing oracle cards has gone through a range of performance tests. They are rub fastness, colorfastness, tearing strength, fabric tension strength, and washing resistance. It can prevent the permeation of water, water vapor, and oil. The product will enhance the overall value of the home. In a sense, it is timeless but at the same is contemporary. Its material can be 270/280gsm blue core paper, 300/350/400gsm art paper, etc.

We are always committed to becoming the top one brand in cardistry cards industry in the world. Get info!
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