how many cards in deck?

by:WJPC     2019-11-11
The simple answer is that there are 78 cards in the standard tarot group, but the number of cards in the Tarot group may vary depending on the architect and the dealer.
The deck is usually divided into two parts, especially the main and secondary Arcanas.
Arcana implies riddles or mysteries, and each of the tarot cards Arcanas gives you an idea of the main or secondary secrets of your life. Read More-
The type of tarot card is mainly a deck of 22 major Akana tarot cards.
They\'re from 0-
Tell the story of a fool, a young man wandering outside.
In his career, he faces all kinds of life situations, and we will eventually fall into this situation as a whole.
This is why these are called the main mysteries.
They are important life exercises that we need to learn as a whole.
In most of the content of the tarot card, or just the main Arcana card, querent will be educated about all real-life occasions they currently encounter or paint.
These are considered to be significant long-term impacts that can provide arrangements for development or open doors.
Although the number of major mystery cards in tarot is small, they are considered to be the most important cards in tarot.
Some people really want to read with 22 main mystery cards as they convey the importance of being more notable than the different cards in tarot.
Card 0-fool XI-justice I-magician XII-Hanged Man II-priestess XIII-death III-Queen 14-temperance IV-Emperor 15-Devil V-hieroglyphics 16 world-Tower VI-lover VII-Star VII-chariot XVIII-Moon VIII-intensity XIX-Sun IX-hermit XX-judgment X-Fortune 21-the main mystery of the wheel of the world the card has put forward strict requirements in all aspects of the tarot card, although some tarot cards are expanding the number of major Akana cards to gradually integrate into the real impact.
After a while, some of the life occasions became more and more important, and then some of the atmosphere became more and more important, it was important to add more tarot cards to the deck.
These are usually added to the main mysteries.
Secondly, the little mysteries show again the regular occasions or circumstances that you can relate.
There are 56 small Mystery cards on the tarot card.
They are divided into four sets, much like a normal card game, but each set has 10 cards (Ace-10)
And 4 face cards (
Knights, Queens and Kings).
On the tarot card, each set of clothes represents another circle of life: the wand\'s suit is related to the flame composition, to the imagination and the ability to create new things.
The sword suit is related to the composition of the air and activities and behaviors;
How a person reacts to the environment, or what is holding them back.
The Cup suit is related to the water composition, and it is related to the feelings and emotions of the environment.
The Pentacles pentacles suit is related to the composition of the Earth, to the material part of life, especially the funds.
Although each of the 78 tarot cards has its own extraordinary significance, people often observe that the cards of the small mysteries are not as important as the cards of the big mysteries.
This is based on the fact that they are related to regular problems that only have a short-lived impact and may change after a period of time.
In small mysteries, a similar number of cards often convey a comparison message, but each message is related to the card group in which they are located.
Each dress moves forward from the flash of energy that Ace symbolizes, through every preliminaries and victories associated with that dress, towards the last dominant position in the life cycle, symbolized by the King.
In this way, there are 78 cards on the tarot card, each of which talks to the other part of life, all of which take into account the careful reading to cover all the important parts of the life
They give you an understanding of the puzzles and insider facts that affect your ordinary encounter on an intuitive level.
That\'s why there are so many cards in tarot.
Once in a while, people find that this is not enough. They choose to include more cards.
If you have a tarot card with more than 78 cards, the dealer should clarify the meaning of the extra card. Read More-
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