How many learning flash cards are produced by WJPC Printing Company per month?
At Shenzhen WJPC Printing Co., Ltd., the monthly output of flash card is mainly decided by the order volume. The output may vary from the seasons but stays the same on average. In peak season, we will receive a large number of orders from customers engaged in different industries. In order to let you receive the products as soon as possible, we will speed up our progress. We keep our machines updated to ensure high production efficiency. The machines have been tested to be highly efficient and precise even after running for 24 hours. Generally, we will keep hot-selling products in stock in case of some urgencies.

WJPC Printing Company is a great manufacturer in the industry of custom game card. WJPC Printing Company is mainly engaged in the business of tarot deck cards and other product series. WJPC cardistry playing cards is developed by the experienced in-house R&D team. Various parameters relating to the performance of battery have been taken into consideration by our technicians, including discharge, open-circuit voltage, capacity, and internal resistance. It performs well in terms of characteristics such as transmissivity, stiffness, and flatness. It will not consume extra energy. The certification provided by the Environmental Protection Agency is considered the most authentic in this regard, and the Energy Star label is the mark of this certification. The picture on it will not fade easily.

To achieve our ambitious manufacturing eco-efficiency targets, we make positive carbon commitments. During our production, we adopt new technologies to minimize our production waste and use clean energy as possible.
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